Through the month of December, I had a few different manicures, all sort of holiday or winter themed.
The first, which is the picture above, is purely inspired by a photo I saw on Instagram, by the awesome Valesha, who’s become another favorite of mine to follow.
This particular manicure was done by the Water Coloring technique – I used this way of achieving the look but it can be done other ways. This just seemed like the easiest for me to try, although it was definitely a technique I had to get used to and to practice in order to finally achieve the manicure above. 
The colors I used were:
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Underwear (as a base)
  • Essie Turquoise & Caicos
  • Revlon Dreamer 
  • Essie Lilacism
  • OPI Pirouette My Whistle (glitter top coat)
I had this manicure on for about a week and I really did love it, just the amount of time it took to finally perfect the technique was much more than I thought it would take. I may do a tutorial on this, we’ll see.

Next I did something super Christmassy and festive.
This was OPI’s The Spy Who Loved Me from the Skyfall Collection, and a few different glitter polishes on my ring finger. I first used Girly Bits Canadian Eh?, and then I layered some of China Glaze’s Party Hearty for some more holiday glitter.
Glitter accent nail manicures are some of the easiest manicures to do and you can make pretty much any thing coordinate to what you want. 
This manicure lasted like 5 days before I moved on to the next manicure.
After, I did something snow and winter inspired. Actually, I used two different brands’ polishes named Snow Globe, so I called this my snow globe nails at work lol.
First I used a coat of Lush Lacquer’s Birthday Cake, which is a frosting color with a ton of funfetti like glitter pieces in it. Over that, I layered one coat of Lush Lacquer’s Snow Globe, which is a clear base with really vibrant pieces of glitter and small pieces of white. The red, pink, blue and yellow pieces you see prominently on my nails are from Snow Globe. On top of that I added a coat of China Glaze’s Snow Globe, to add some shine and multi-dimension iridescence. 
This lasted on my nails for about 5 days before it started to chip (like all glitter manicures do).
This manicure was inspired by Cute Polish’s Christmas tree video. I wanted something not as red and gold and green so I opted for blue and white.
The blue I used was Essie’s Aruba Blue. I then sponged some white on to the tips of my other fingers. On the ring fingers of each hand I put some nail art. The tree was made with a striper. I added some random craft glitter on top as ornaments. The snowflake was also made with a striper, and the glitter was China Glaze’s Snow Globe.
I had this on for abou a week.

The very last thing I had on my nails was OPI’s St. Petersburgundy, which is one of my favorite blood red jellies. It’s more color accurate in the photo on the right, I just included the one on the left because it was a bottle photo. Both of those photos was taken with my iPhone 5, which I was testing out to see if it produced good enough photos for the blog. It’s decent, no?
What I have is 3 coats of St. Petersburgundy on my nails. I just love how it’s such a rich, classic red and I seem to always pull this polish out during the holidays. I still have this on my nails, and it’s been on for about 2 weeks now.

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