Happy new year!!!
I took a little break from blogging and making videos over the holidays – you know, family stuff and all that. I hope everybody had a wonderful, love filled holiday and that all of you had a very fun and safe new year’s eve celebration.
Since it’s the new year, I thought I’d start it with something gold and sparkly, since that is probably the one color that people pretty universally turn to when celebrating.
Maybelline just released 5 more cream shadows for their Color Tattoo line, all in a metallic formula. They’re not limited edition so good news is, if you can’t find them now you’ll be able to easily find them until they discontinue the line itself!

Of the 5 colors released, this was the only one that seemed unique or like a color that I would use often. There was a silvery pearl, a blue, a shimmery beige and something pink. I think. I’m not 100% sure on that.
Gold Rush is a honey gold shimmer. The formula is pretty spot on with the other Maybelline Color Tattoo’s I’ve tried. They’re creamy, but not quite as soft as other cream shadows I’ve tried. Mac’s Paint Pots, when new, are much creamier, and the Chanel shadows are spongier.
These set pretty quickly, and do not crease on me when worn alone. They start to fade a little after the 6 hour mark (I have worn this on it’s own to test it out, and recently it’s been cold in my town, so in a hot, humid environment, they’ll probably wear down faster). I think their wear time is good because of their less creamy texture.
When blended out, Gold Rush has a really pretty shimmer to it, reminiscent of the Chanel shadows, specifically the two gold shades that were released this winter. It can be layered to have a heavier concentration of color, and the honey color comes out really nicely.
These retail for about $7 each, and can be found at drugstores. I saw them first at CVS, but they’ve probably hit all the other drugstores by now.
Have any of you picked some of these up? If so, do you like them?

2 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 65 Gold Rush

  1. I've picked up one but… how do you apply them? I don't want to put in my brushes in these but applying with my fingers make them hard to blend, etc. Do you use sponges or a special brush?


  2. i usually just use my fingers – you have to work quickly with them so they don't set. you can use a synthetic brush though (like the real technique's domed shadow brush) and get pretty good results!


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