So you guys all know how excited I was and how much I LOVED Skyfall (both the movie and the OPI winter collection), right? Well, I found out there were magnetic duos that were also part of the collection and immediately went and bought them on
There are 3 duos, again all with James Bond themed (and one, specifically Skyfall themed) names. Is That Silva? is a gray silver with holographic glitter, Morning, Moneypenny is a magenta with holo glitter, and Bond…James Bond is a dirty gold with gold flakes in it.
I wasn’t as much into the magnetic polish trend as I was other trends, but I do have a few other brands magnetics and they all basically work the same. Nails Inc, China Glaze, Essie, random drugstore brands and Layla are just a handful of the brands that offer magnetic polishes.
Each OPI Duo comes with a polish and a matching magnet. Some brands come with a magnet that attaches to the cap, and some have loose magnets like OPI. I prefer the attaching magnet, just because it makes for easier storage. I find that a ton of loose parts are just annoying, especially when they’re sort of oddly shaped, like the OPI magnets.
OPI’s magnets, pictured above, are “finger holding” plastic tools with the magnet inside the top of the tool. If that makes any sense. 
I do appreciate what they were trying to do – sometimes the trick with magnetic polishes is finding the right spot to put your finger so you get a good amount of activation from the magnet without getting too close. This system just didn’t work out for me though. I have smaller fingers and nails so even if I rested my finger on the bottom piece of plastic, the polish on my nail wouldn’t react to the magnet at all, so I’d have to bring it closer. Because of the way the magnet is built, it was kind of hard to see where my finger (or the swatch) was so I had to re-do that nail (or swatch) a ton of times.
Luckily, magnetic polishes react to all types of magnets, so I don’t really ever HAVE to use the OPI magnets, especially because they don’t have any unique-to-OPI patterns.
Bond… James Bond
Bond…James Bond is, at its base, a patina gold golor with gold flakes. When layered, the gold flakes don’t chunk up or anything, but the base color is still easily seen.
When brought to the magnet, the gold becomes much more vibrant and rich, more like the bottle color.
I like that in these OPI magnetic polishes, it’s not just a shimmery polish that goes dark in some places when brought to the magnet like other magnetic polishes. These all have some dimension to them, like this polish and the gold flakes, and the other two with the holo glitter. I like that the gold flakes become bolder when brought to the magnet.
Is That Silva?
Is That Silva? is a gunmetal base with holo glitter. This one is my favorite. 
The contrast between the base and the holo glitter is the most stark when brought to the magnet.
It’s also nice because you can wear it on it’s own and it’s still a pretty cool polish. 
Without being activated by the magnet, it’s a gray shimmer with speckles of holo glitter. I honestly would totally wear this on it’s own. Very stormy and unique.
When brought to the magnet, the color darkens to an asphalt color and the holo really pops against it.
Morning, Moneypenny
Morning, Moneypenny is a magenta with the same holo glitter as Is That Silva?
The color goes darker to a maroon when brought to the magnet, and also really makes the holo glitter pop. This one would also be pretty cool to wear on it’s own. Reminds me of a pink version of Picture Polish’s Monroe.

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