Good evening everybody 😀 
It’s tuesday evening and I’m FINALLY and OFFICIALLY on winter break from school! Here’s a bunch of swatches and pics of the new Lorac Pro Palette to celebrate
This was purchased a few weeks ago – I had wandered into Sephora, the same time as when I bought the Sephora Chaotic Top Coat, and I went to check the Lorac display just to see if this was in stock there. Turns out, it was, and it was the only one left. The makeup hoarder in me took that as a sign, and therefore, it had to go home with me.
Currently, it’s in stock on Sephora online as well as Ulta online, in case you were all wondering *wink wink*.
It retails for $42 and is apparently a $110 value. It comes with 16 shadows and a mini primer. I guess all the fuss about this palette was not just that the shadows were fantastic but that half of the palette was all matte colors. 
Amarixe, Eshani and a ton of other bloggers were raving about it, so really, I knew that eventually I was going to purchase it as well. 
In the box, the palette comes next to a small Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer. I haven’t used it yet because I’m trying to use up all of my Too Faced Shadow Insurance (which I’m SO close to being done with) and I also have a full sized Nars Smudgeproof waiting for me. I figured I would save it for a rainy day – either when I travel or just run out of primers. 
The palette itself is very slim and sleek. The outside is slightly rubberized, kind of like a Nars Blush, but not as rubbery as those. It’s actually very very thin – about 3/4 the size of the first Naked Palette. It closes with a magnet and is pretty secure. 
Inside on the top flap is a large mirror, covering almost the whole top flap, and then there are the 16 shadows ranging from light to dark in both matte and frosty shades.
Personally, I love that the shadows aren’t named after things, but are just colors. It makes it so easy to remember, and to reference to. 
Formula wise, all the matte colors are incredibly soft and pigmented. There is not sort of chalkiness which is the main concern when it comes to matte shadows. In fact, they’re almost too soft and powdery – I feel like sometimes I waste a bit of product. It does, however, make them super easy to blend without having the fear of applying the matte shadows patchily. 
The frosts are also very soft and pigmented. There is less fallout with these shadows, I’ve found. The metallic shine of the frosts are all very strong.
This is the left half of the palette, which contains the 8 lightest shadows – 4 mattes and 4 frosts.
  • White – matte almost pure white. 
  • Cream – light creamy beige color. Similar to Urban Decay’s “Foxy” (Naked 2), but not as yellow toned. Also reminds me of Mac’s Blanc Type, but maybe slightly pinker, and Stila’s Bare.
  • Taupe – warm midtoned brown. Seems on the warm side to be called “taupe”. Similar to Urban Decay’s “Buck” (Naked 1).
  • Lt. Pink – light dusty rose color. Much more of a beige pink than a true pink.
  • Nude – shimmery light pink beige. 
  • Champagne – shimmery light beige, reminds me of Stila’s Kitten.
  • Gold – true gold frost. Similar to all of those Urban Decay Baked/Half Baked colors. Super reflective.
  • Lt. Bronze – shimmery rose gold. Sort of like Mac’s Rubenesque, in powder form.

The right side of the palette has all the darker colors.
  • Mauve – slightly purple toned mauve color. Much more purpley in swatch than in pan. It’s similar to Mac’s Quarry and Urban Decay’s Tease and Stila’s Bliss.
  • Sable – burnt sienna. Definitely swatches less red than in the pan photo.
  • Espresso – coffee brown. 
  • Black – not as deep dark black as you’d think. Almost more of a charcoal color.
  • Pewter – midtoned brown shimmer. Has slight red tones to it.
  • Garnet – rust colored shimmer.
  • Deep Purple – inky purple. Not as vibrantly purple as in the pan. More of a blackened purple.
  • Slate – slate gray. Much like slate tile that you’d see in a home depot or something lol.

Overall, I really do like this palette. With Urban Decay’s release of both Naked Palettes, and the new Naked Basics Palette, this palette is definitely not something that everybody needs. If this came out first, it’d be a totally different story.
The benefit of this palette is that it has all your mattes and all your shimmers, and that you can have it all in one place, especially if you’re a frequent traveller or you just plainly don’t need very much makeup.
Because I have both Naked Palettes (as well as numerous Mac Shadows, other Urban Decay shadows and palettes, Stila palettes, Sleek Palettes etc) I could definitely just choose one of those to take with me if I were to travel. 
If you have this palette, the opposite is true, you won’t need to buy any of the things I’ve listed up above.
Lorac’s Pro Palette is a great introduction to makeup for beginners and great convenience for those who strive for that. I will say that this palette is versatile for a large amount of skin tones, but may lean to be more suitable with light to medium, warm toned skin, or for people that prefer warm toned colors.
If you prefer cooler tones, go for the Naked 2 Palette. 
If you really JUST want mattes and will never use the shimmers, go for the Naked Basics, or any customizable palette system like Mac or Urban Decay’s systems.

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