As I was doing all of my holiday shopping last week, I wandered into Sephora to go look at their more than amazing holiday gift sets. I purchased, like I always do, a ton of gifts for friends, family and family girlfriends/boyfriends. 
In my Sephora, the nail polish stand is right next to the check out so I always go browse through it before I go check-out. I was there pretty early in the morning so really, I was like the only person in the store, and kind of died when I saw this polish. So yeah, every employee saw it too. Embarrassing. But they were totally celebrating with me.
This polish is part of a new line of top coats Sephora is making all having to do with effects, I think. They’re called “The Toppers” online. The display they were sitting on really had NO information other than the giant X that’s on the bottle. 
Choatic is one of 4 or 5 (my Sephora already only had Chaotic and two other glitters in stock) top coats. Honestly, looking through the glitters they didn’t seem all that unique, if you’re all into nail polish, but for the non-hoarding consumer, this would be a pretty neat thing to see in stores. 
To me though, Chaotic was the only polish really worth purchasing, and it’s because the Lynderella Connect The Dots trend has FINALLY made it to mass producing companies. It’s alway a good sign when a trend you like makes it to Sephora, because that means soon a lot of other companies will be doing the same thing. 
Chaotic is a white and black mix of glitter, that has no sort of metallic shine to it. There is also black bar shaped glitter. It just looks awesome and speckley and honestly looks very similar to Connect The Dots. If it included white bar glitter, it’d have been perfect. But for those of you not willing to bid on eBay and shell out $26 for it, or want to purchase something similar much more quickly than waiting for other dupes to come in stock on sites like Llarowe or Harlow & Co, then I totally recommend checking this out.
The formula is the same as with most glitter top coats. It’s an easy to deal with clear base that layers quite easily. The swatch on the left is staggered like most of my swatches. One coat at the very top, two in the middle, and three at the tip. The swatch on the right is 2 coats over Essie’s Van D’Go. As you can see, a fair amount of glitter comes out on the brush so it’s not difficult to use.
It does dry demi-matte so if you want a glossy finish, a top coat is definitely needed.
Again, these are available at Sephora and I totally recommend checking it out!

2 thoughts on “Sephora The Toppers Chaotic Swatches

  1. These nail polishes should cost a lil cheaper due to the fact that they are exclusively sephora nail polishes and not provided by other com. like opi :/


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