Are you guys ready for another NOTW spam?
Blue is the color that I seem to collect the most of, especially darker blues. They’ve always been one of my favorite colors to collect because I really love they way they look against my skin tone. 
Consequently, I have the most NOTW posts featuring blue polishes as well. This first one just adds to that list 🙂
During the beginning of the fall, I spent a lot of time looking at new Instagram users to follow. I found a lot of good ones, that post indie polish swatches, current releases, nail art and the like. My Instagram name is yukiesano, if you’d like to follow 🙂 On one of my favorite user’s feeds, I saw Revlon Royal, which is a beautiful royal blue jelly. She had used it for a jelly sandwich manicure. It was awesome and one of my favorite jelly manies that I had seen, so I went and searched for it and found it at CVS.
Excited by that purchase, I went home pretty immediately and found a little package in the mail from MissHollyBerries. Inside was Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire which is a purple jelly base with a very unique and vibrant duochrome to it. I was totally going to do a jelly sandwich manicure but decided to layer those polishes instead.
For you guys to see all the dimensions of the manicure I have a ton of photos in this post at different angles. Max Factor’s duochrome goes from an ember like orange to a bright green. Revlon Royal’s color was strong enough to not really be changed by Fantasy Fire.
I used 1 coat of Fantasy Fire over 3 coats of Royal. For a base I used OPI Nail Envy and I used INM’s Fast Dry as a top coat.
This manicure lasted about a week before any chipping or wear.

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