I’ve recently had my nails grown out a little longer than I normally like them, so I decided to take advantage of that and do things I wouldn’t normally think of doing with my nails when they’re on the shorter side. I actually prefer a shorter nail, but when it comes to doing manicures like this, I don’t mind having longer nails!
This manicure was purely inspired (well I copied it lol) from PapersandPeonies on Instagram (they also have a store). She was modeling some of her rings and they rings were very cute but her nails were the thing that caught my eye. 
I immediately took off what I had on my nails and decided to do the same. The glitter I used was OPI’s Crown Me Already from their Miss Universe Collection. I at the end, added a tiny bit of Ciate Jewel to each tip but it’s really not that noticeable. 
In order to create this manicure, I made sure the brush had a very tiny amont of polish and painted 3/4 of my nail. Then repeated, just only did 1/2, then 1/4 then added just a little more on the tip to make them pretty opaquely glittered. 
I loved how super reflective the glitter in this polish was. It was also easy to do this manicure with this particular polish because it’s not a very thick base. Some silver glitter polishes have a pretty thick consistency in it’s clear base, which this did not have because of all the silver microglitter that was packed into it. 
This lasted on my nails for a good 8 days because I loved it so much. I used OPI’s Nail Envy and layered Revlon’s top coat from their new ColorStay line of polishes and INM’s Fast Dry. I layered 2 top coats because the Revlon is super glossy and the INM is quick dry. My beloved Seche Vite has ran out, which is why I did that. Otherwise, I’d just use Seche.

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