I wandered into a new Nail Salon the other day and found this gem hiding in a corner.
This is an old, black label (aka before OPI went 3 free) polish by OPI that I saw on Scrangie back in June. It was super pretty in her photos and I mentally noted to keep an eye out for it.
As I was scanning colors, this polish was in the corner, silently shimmering in the sun, and were it not for it’s duochromey bottle shining in the light, I would have totally glanced over it. When I read the label, I sort of did this awkward happy hop which prompted my friend to go “what are you doing?”. But let’s face it for polish people like us that was a totally appropriate hop.
La Boheme is a shimmery wine red color with a warm shimmer mixed into it that makes the polish shift from wine to sort of a holiday red ribbon color. The pic above is the only pic I managed to get that showed both shades of the red really well. The shimmer makes the polish look very glowy from within.
I honestly have no idea what base or top coat the lady used because they were unmarked bottles. But my nails lasted a good week before any wear so it was a good manicure overall.

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