Okay folks, get ready for a massive spam of old NOTWs 🙂
I’m sorry I’ve been absent for the last few weeks. I had some personal things to deal with as well as school things – finals are next week, and I’m dying.
These posts will be chronological from about a month back.
Here’s China Glaze’s Emerald Sparkle with some OPI Rainbow Connection layered on all but my ring finger. This was my manicure before I got in that shipment of indie polishes, hence the glitter.
Emerald Sparkle is one of my favorite green polishes – it was limited edition about three years ago, so it’s harder to find now. There was also this stupid thing that China Glaze did where they released two different versions of it. One was very beautiful and sparkly (like the one above) and the other was super dull and totally NOT what everybody had wanted.
OPI’s Rainbow Connection is a multi-colored confetti like glitter, very very similar to Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday. Rainbow Connection was, after Milani, one of the first polishes that was able to be called a “dupe” of the Deborah Lippmann color.
On my nails I have two coats of Emerald Sparkle, and then I added some Rainbow Connection to satiate my need for chunky glitters.
This manicure lasted about four days before I took it off. There was some noticeable wear on the tips but nothing like chipping or anything. I used OPI’s Nail Envy and China Glaze’s Fast Dry Top Coat.

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