One of my favorite parts of Instagram has to be finding new nail bloggers and new nail polishes. This is a prime example of that.
About 3 days before Thanksgiving, TheLacquerLover on Instagram posted a picture of these polishes. Through that, I found WickedPolish, who is also the blogger by the name of Wicked Nails, who makes these fantastic polishes. Then through WickedPolish (on Instagram not on her blog), I found Valesha, who posts amazing nail photos as well.
Back to the point, WickedPolish makes these awesome goodies and is part of her first nail collection that she sells on her Etsy Store, called the Pestilence Collection. They’re all body/anatomy/disease related polishes, which is pretty cool and pretty unique when it comes to nail polish, even in the Indie Polish world.
The polishes come in your standard 0.5 fl oz size with a skinny and flexible brush. 
Each polish was $10 when I bought them on Black Friday, which is when she restocked these two polishes. She’s currently on vacation, but will be back soon. I think currently she only ships within the US, but is trying to figure out ways to ship outside of the US. 
Gangrene is a milky white base with a fluorescent yellow and green glitter. The glitter isn’t fully opaque, it’s slightly translucent, which give the polish a very cool look when layered. The base isn’t fully opaque either, so you get a jelly sandwich effect with bright but slightly sheer pieces of glitter. Very cool.
The glitter pieces come in 3 different sizes – small, medium and large hexes.
The glitter, in both not just Gangrene, for me was a little difficult to get on the nail. It’s not completely dense like some glitter polishes.  The small was very easy to get on the nail but I had to go back and shake the bottle to get some of the bigger pieces to layer onto my nail.
In the swatch, I layered 2 coats of Gangrene over 1 coat of OPI Alpine Snow, just so I didn’t have to layer so much of the Gangrene to get full opacity. 
Gangrene, index & ring finger (natural light)
Gangrene, index & ring finger (flash)
Pox is a sheer milky jelly base with fluorescent pink and orange pieces of glitter. The polish, besides the color, has the same properties as Gangrene; same glitter sizes, same polish consistency, and same need to shake the bottle to get glitter onto the nail.
In the swatch, I layered 2 coats of Pox over 1 coat of OPI Alpine Snow, just so I didn’t have to layer so much of the Pox to get full opacity.
Pox, middle finger & pinky (natural light)

Pox, middle finger & pinky (flash)

These two polishes have definitely become some of my favorite polishes in my collection, as well as in my group of “people in my regular life that see my nails”. They’re so unique and so cool to look at that I really don’t mind the attention I have to pay when applying it on my nails. 
I’m for sure going to order more for the Pestilence line in the future 😀

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