Jesse’s Girl’s Pigments are things that I’ve been talking about for a while but I don’t ever get around to photographing and posting about them for some reason.

These pigments, as well as the rest of Jesse’s Girl line is available at Rite Aid in the US and are all very inexpensive. They have a full line of products as well as a collaborative nail polish collection with the YouTuber JulieG713. That polish line is awesome, and although I don’t have any of her polishes, they all have great color payoff as far as I’ve seen on other people’s swatches.

Getting back to the pigments, these are the favorite item of the Jesse’s Girl line for me. I actually have quite a few of them and really do love them all. 
I’ve found that their pigments come in two different types of textures – the ones that I have here are more like loose color pigments (with shimmer of course) but the other type I have is a slightly more glittery type of pigment. The glitter type pigments are awesome to layer on top of any eye look to just add some more sparkle.
Also in the line they have quite a few duochrome colors, and these are two of them.
Sunlit Cactus
Sunlit Cactus is a true gold with a green duochrome. It’s very rich in color on the gold side and the green shimmers very strongly. It’s quite shimmery and pigmented. I’ve actually used it layered over Urban Decay’s Half Baked, just to kick the gold tone up a little more, and the green shimmer was very prettily apparent. 
Kiwi Rose
Kiwi Rose is a white shimmery powder that flashes pink and green. Sidenote – I love how easy and appropriate these names are. 
This is one that is sort of sheer by default because of it’s light base, but layered over a dark eyeshadow will really pop.
These sheer duochromes are some of my favorites (not just from Jesse’s Girl but from all brands) because depending how you use and pair it with other products they really are completely different products.
Below are just some photos of swatches – it was layered about twice over each swatch. Enjoy!

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