I’m an avid Kardashians watcher, so I’ve known about their Khroma Beauty line for a while. What I didn’t know was when and where they’d be available so I was pretty stoked when I saw these lashes at CVS.
Personally, even though all of the Kardashian family members (including mom and little sisters) have beautiful makeup on, like ALL the time, their lashes are always my favorite. I have no idea what their natural lashes look like, but that feature of their making is always dramatic and really quite beautiful and fluttery. So when news came out that they were making their own line of false lashes, I was pretty excited to see what they’d make.
Again, I saw these at CVS, and I think all of their products are supposed to be available at CVS, but these are just the first of what I saw so far, about 2 weeks ago.
I haven’t tried them yet so here’s photos of the ones I’ve bought. I will do some sort of review of them when I use them though.

These retail for about $12 to $14 each, which is pricey for false lashes. Ardell and Katy Perry lashes are always up to about $10.

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