I’m sorry I don’t more regularly post swatches of Julep polishes – I still get polishes every month but I don’t always post or talk about them because I have SO many other things I want to swatch and upload, and then suddenly my next box has already come!
Sometimes some of the colors aren’t all together that unique either so I don’t share them.
But November’s box was pretty cool so I thought I’d share with you 🙂
This month’s theme was Matte Suede colors, so they came out with 5 suede polishes along with some other creme finish polishes with fall themes. OPI is the only other brand of polish that I have this finish from, although I’m sure others have done it. When dry, the colors look like suede on the nail, but when painted over with a top coat, they have a crazy beautiful shimmer!
I actually really like this finish because it’s sort of a 2 for 1 deal, and I like matte polishes. I think they have a time and place, although I know a lot of people don’t like matte polishes. Since I like this finish, I decided to get some of the add-ons, which I will hopefully photograph and upload soon.
Most of the suede polishes from Julep were unique (to my collection) colors as well – by OPI I have Here Today Aragon Tomorrow (which is a shimmery green) and OPI Ink (bluish purple shimmer), so I got the box with colors that I don’t already have (which was the It Girl box, I’m normally a Classic With A Twist) and then added on the other colors I wanted.

Nora is a eggplanty dark purple with shimmer. All of these photos were taken with flash because you could see the shimmer better.
This was opaque in 1 coat, but you can use 2 coats if you want and it won’t be a problem.

Hailee is an asparagus green with silver shimmer. This needed 2 coats, as you can see in the swatch below. Yes, the swatch did flake off, but I just patted it back down so you can see the swatch in full. 
This was the same with Nora, but these dry very quickly, as most matte ones do so that’s another perk of matte polishes.

Matte Top Coat
This was the third polish that came in the box. I only have one other matte top coat from OCC, so I just wanted to try another.
I do like this one… I feel like my OCC one sometimes doesn’t completely matte out a manicure, like… it’s semi-glossy then I’ll have to add another coat of the matte top coat. This one matted out the polish below quickly and easily and I didn’t have to worry about it.
I’m actually including 2 other polishes in this post that I bought and were delivered right with my box, so that I could show you the Matte Top Coat’s effectiveness as well as just show you the swatches since I couldn’t fit them in conveniently anywhere else.
Susie is a pastel minty green, but has less blue tones than some other mint greens have. The formula on this was excellent – almost a 1 coater. I’d use 2 to just be save but it’s very opaque and isn’t patchy like some pastels are.

This I actually bought because Holly raves about it whenever she talks about Julep or green polish. So happy I bought it!

Susie / Susie matted out (taken with flash – absolutely no shine at all!)

Daisy is a bright egg yolk (I’m talking pre-cooked, pure egg yolk) yellow. It’s got slight orange tones to it, which I thought was kind of cool for a yellow polish since I haven’t seen a color like this before. It’s got an almost jelly finish to it so it’s very shiny and doesn’t look dull on the nails like some yellows look.
This was opaque in 2 coats, but also almost 1 coat. 

Julep polishes are available at Sephora as well as on the Julep website. If you’re a Julep Maven, you can get polishes at their store (and only at their store) for about $11, otherwise they retail for $14. Also, if you’re wondering, you can add on polishes to your box for only $4.99 each but you have to add them on before your box ships. And these are polishes exclusive to add-on. There is always a link on your Maven page where you can change your box or add polishes on.
If you’re wondering what a Maven is and what all this Box and Add-On talk is, then watch the video below 😀

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