A long while back, actually when I bought the Ocho Loco set, I also bought this. Urban Decay always has some really good discounted items on the site, mostly because they’re on final sale and when they’re sold out completely, they’ll be gone forever. But honestly a lot of sites don’t put those items on sale. So I love Urban Decay for that and think they always have the best discounts.
Originally $39, this palette contains 4 shadows, a paddle shaped brush and a full sized lipgloss. Urban Decay’s palettes are always a great deal in terms of product for price. I thought $39 was a little expensive though, but on sale it was $22 so I thought “Hey, why not?”
The palette itself comes in a pale gold zip up clutch type packaging, which holds the shadows and brush, and has a gloss that comes with it, which has a designated spot inside the clutch. The color is a light, pale gold. The material is metallic and can probably be scuffed easily if you’re not gentle with it or take it EVERYWHERE (which some may be inclined to do), but the case is on the harder side so your products will be protected. There is also a fairly large mirror inside the palette so you can see a full half of your face if you choose to use the palette’s mirror to apply your makeup.

I don’t have anything else that’s packaged with a zipper like this – I can see the appeal as well as turn-off for this. When traveling, if you’re only a simple makeup type of girl, this literally holds like all your eye makeup, and keeps it pretty safe from everything else in your bag. You can take it to school and put it in your backpack without worrying about it opening. It fits in your purse and looks cute as well as conveniently protecting your brush (or whatever else you choose to put in there), and has your gloss as well.
The turn-off would be for more complicated makeup wearers. It’s sort of chunky, so if you’re one to carry multiple shadows, glosses and brushes then you’ll probably just want to carry something slimmer which will carry all your eye products (like a Naked Palette), and then put all your glosses and brushes in another bag.

Midnight Cowboy Lip Junkie is a sheer beige shimmery gloss. It comes with a slanted applicator on top of a soft plastic tube. It smells minty. It’s sort of average on stickiness – not like Mac, a little balmier so it feels a little more moisturizing.
This doen’st deposit a lot of color – on me it’s just a simple shimmer gloss to the lips. It wore a few hours while drinking water and sitting in class before it faded away.

The four shadows in the palette are:

  • Midnight Cowboy – light champagne frost, sort of like Stila’s Kitten
  • Midnight 15 – light taupe frost with some glitter
  • Midnight Rodeo – light beige frost, similar to Cover Girl’s Champagne shadow
  • AC/DC – light purple toned frost

You may have some of these shadows in other Urban Decay Palettes, so this may not be something you’re interested in purchasing because it won’t be anything new to you. But, if you don’t have much makeup, like neutral shadows, just want to start trying out Urban Decay or are just simply looking for some new light colors but don’t want to spend a lot, then this palette may be something you want to look at.
The consistency of the shadows is very much the same as the other Urban Decay frosts – soft and very pigmented. It doesn’t take very much manipulation to work with an Urban Decay shadow because they’re so buttery. Midnight 15 does have fallout because of the glitter, but that’s generally a problem with all Urban Decay shadows that have glitter packed into the shadow.

The brush that comes in the palette is a small, flat, synthetic (and completely cruelty free) shadow brush. It’s actually more like a standard concealer style brush, just less pointed at the tip. I’m actually not the biggest fan of the Urban Decay eye brushes I’ve tried. The other ones I have came in palettes also, which is why I have them, but I find them harder to use than my Mac or Sigma or Crown ones.
They don’t pick up as much product, or blend out as much as the other mentioned brushes. I do, however LOVE my foundation brush I got, the Optical Blurring buffing brush.
For the purpose of using this as an eye shadow brush, I don’t think it works that great, but it works nicely as a concealer brush, or a brush to use with wet pigments.
This palette is currently (as of 11/17/12) available on Urban Decay’s website and is on sale for $22. I’ve gotten good use out of it because when it’s 7:30AM and I have to leave at 7:45 it’s easy to just be able to reach for something with 4 neutral colors, that work well together that I can just sweep across my face, and not really worry about or rifle through other products to find.
It’s also travelled well for me, as I’ve been able to just take out the gloss and brush, and fit in a little sample sized mascara as well as liner/brow product and have basically all my eye stuff in one place.

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