My boss had gotten her nails done once, and it was ridiculously shiny, glittery, and just RED. I have no idea what it was since she had no idea what it was, but it was totally awesome, and totally something I knew I wanted to do so I immediately went home and painted my nails red.
Instead of painting them all glittery though, I stuck with just the accent on my ring finger so I could keep my other fingers happy and red.
On my nails I have OPI’s St. Petersburgundy, which is a jelly blue toned red. Very classic, and one of my very first and favorite OPI nail polishes. I have 3 coats over OPI’s Nail Envy and under China Glaze’s Fast Dry Top Coat.

For the glitter I chose to layer one coat of each of the four polishes below: China Glaze Love Marilyn, China Glaze Ring In The Red, China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Orly’s Star Spangled. The effect ended up being a very full and deep red glitter that was festive and glitzy.
This manicure lasted about a week before the glitter started chipping away.
The China Glaze holiday colors may not be available anymore, but Ruby Pumps is available still since it’s a permanent color. So is Orly’s and OPI St. Petersburgundy.

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