These are the final polishes I bought in my large Llarowe and Harlow & Co haul. More glitters, from some fantastic brands 😀
I sort of just have one of each of the brands listed in the title, so I figured instead of putting them all into separate posts, I’d put them all here.
Just to put all this info at the beginning of the post, so it’s easy to find, here’s the prices of everything:

  • Girly Bits – available at both sites, $12 a bottle. The availability of polishes is different on both sites though.
  • Smitten Polish – Llarowe. $10 a bottle.
  • Nail Pattern Boldness – Llarowe. $9
  • Naild It – Llarowe. $11
  • Pahlish – Llarowe. $9
  • KB Shimmer – Harlow & Co. $9

All of the swatches are 3 coats from top to bottom, which is not the usual way I swatch things. I usually stack layers so you can see what the polish is like in 1, 2 and 3 coats but I figured with the glitters and with these it’d be more beneficial to see how they are at most opaque.

KB Shimmer Radioactive
This is a bright lime green that glows in the dark, and has a bunch of different shaped black glitter. It literally looks radioactive in normal light, and then GLOWS in the dark. I have only a couple glow in the dark nail polishes but this one just blows them out of the water in terms of brightness in the dark. So cool!
The formula for this was great. Nothing noteworthy negatively and the glitter came out pretty easily.
Nail Pattern Boldness Flipping Out Hard
This particular polish, and the one after it, I bought because of the polish Floam by Ninja Polish (who is the current maker and seller). It literally looks like the 90’s… “toy”? on the nails and is a matte microglitter.
Flipping Out Hard is the same concept. It’s a sandy, grainy texture when dry, and has no metallic shine to the glitter, hence “matte” glitter. The particles are yellow, blue and green, but mostly green.
This was fully opaque in 3 coats and pretty easy to work with. You’ll definitely want a top coat though, unless you like the sandpaper like finish on the nail.
Nail’d It Vegas Sands
This one is like Flipping Out Hard by Nail Pattern Boldness. It’s another grainy matte glitter, but with a different combination of glitter. It’s yellow and blue and green microglitter, but with mostly blue. Then on top is a larger mix of red glitters.
This one was a little more dense, so 2 coats may be enough if you work with it.
Pahlish Toxic and Timeless
This is  a teal jelly base with lots of large chunky gold, blue and green glitters. There’s also gold bar glitter. It’s also very lagoon like, and reminds me a little of Hare Polish’s Golden Years, but like a murkier more mysterious version. It’s chunkier, and really just reminds me of the grass in a lagoon with mermaids and such. 
This was a pretty tick polish, and was probably more suited for layering over something else, than wearing on it’s own in 3 coats like what I have in the swatch.
Girly Bits Canadian Eh?
CANADA. CANADA. Canada! Whoooooooot.
Lol I love Canada. So this was an instant no thinking purchase for me. Girly Bits is an awesome brand who makes a ton of awesome kitchen sink glitters as well. Plus they have cute packaging 🙂
This one, besides having the best of names, is a sheer base with a delicate shimmer in it, and with a mix of white and red glitter both in small and medium hex pieces. 
Fun for the winter and fun for those of you that like the red and white combo – if you live in a different country whose colors are red and white, or if your sports team or school colors are red and white 🙂
Canadian Eh? was easy to work with and had a good consistency for using on it’s own.

Smitten Polish I Want It Now
This I bought because the picture on Llarowe showed it to be a pretty teal glitter. In reality it’s a green jelly base with teal and green speckles of glitter, and can totally work as a teal polish for layering. It is unique to my collection though so even though I bought it and was expecting something else, I am happy to have it.
It’s almost like a wine bottle green shade, in it’s base and very cool looking. I’m going to experiment with it for the holidays 🙂
This was very pleasant to layer with.

Smitten Polish Mint Chip
Mint Chip, the last polish of this massive haul, looks like ice cream 😀
It’s a mint green creme base with a bunch of black square glitter and then some metallic red pieces of glitter. It’s very yummy looking.
The glitter isn’t quite as dense as I was hope it’d be, but the effect of it layered in between mint creme polish makes a cool effect nonetheless, actually like ice cream.

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