I’ve mentioned this before, but The Beatles play more than just a “good music” part in my life. I have a really personal connection to it because I grew up on it and it was something my father and I bonded over throughout my entire life with him. I have a favorite Beatles song for every occasion, and a favorite memory to go with every song.
Enchanted Polish’s Beatles Collection was one of the collections that really pushed the haul to happen because along with the Lush Lacquers they were the polishes that I really had my eye on for a long time.
Also, like I mentioned in the previous post, this fall has been a great season for me to reminisce about the past with the OPI Skyfall collection, the Beatles collection and the Dollish Polish Super Mario collection.
Enchanted polish is available on Llarowe, and have other great polishes as well, including the one other polish I bought from Enchanted Polish.
All of the swatches are 3 coats from top to bottom, which is not the usual way I swatch things. I usually stack layers so you can see what the polish is like in 1, 2 and 3 coats but I figured with the glitters and with these it’d be more beneficial to see how they are at most opaque.
Secret Sauce
Secret Sauce is a sheer, iridescent top coat. Of MAGIC. It’s that iridescence that goes from that ember like orange to bright green, like you’d see in Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire.
It’s actually quite vibrant at one coat, but the middle swatch above was 3 coats anyways. The one on the right is 2 coats over OPI’s Black Onyx, which is just a black creme.
It was great to work with – not too thin like some sheer top coats can be, and was strong and vibrant on it’s own.
Octopus’s Garden
Octopus’s Garden is the first of 2 polishes that I have from the Beatles collection. There are 6 total available on Llarowe, and they’re constantly sold out. 
I did manage to get the 2 that I wanted color-wise though. 
On a total sidenote, Sergio and I have a total inside joke about the song Octopus’s Garden. And Ringo.
This polish is a royal purple shimmer base. It’s got a very strong and bright blue duochrome. Then on top of that, it also shifts to pink. And there’s a holo shimmer in there as well. It’s a lot of just awesome. 
It’s opaque in 3 coats, and was a great formulation of polish – smooth and easy to use.

Mean Mr. Mustard

Mean Mr. Mustard is an incredibly strong gold-bar gold duochrome on top of a green shimmer base. The gold is SO strong in this… it’s amazing 😀 It’s like a super strong version of Chanel’s Peridot, when it comes to the duochrome base of the polish. Then there’s also the mix of the holo glitter in here as well. Lovely!

This also had a fantastic formula.
The rest of this post is just photos of the Beatles polishes so you can see the duochrome and shimmer more clearly.
These polishes retail for $13 a bottle on Llarowe. 

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