The inner-nerd in me pretty much just died when I saw this collection on Llarowe.
Dollish Polish is another indie brand that has the kitchen sink glitters (the glitters that have all sorts of sizes and colors). A lot of their polishes are named after cultural references actually.
This collection, the Super Mario Collection, has a total of 8 colors (at least there are 8 available on Llarowe) all named after the iconic video game. Each polish was also inspired color wise by the subject of the name and all totally remind me of my childhood!
Honestly, this fall has been a great fall for reminiscing about my childhood, what with the OPI Skyfall Collection and this collection.
All of the swatches are 3 coats from top to bottom, which is not the usual way I swatch things. I usually stack layers so you can see what the polish is like in 1, 2 and 3 coats but I figured with the glitters it’d be more beneficial to see how they are at most opaque.

The Koopa King
The Koopa King is a clear base (as far as I can tell), with a yellow gold microglitter, yellow gold larger hex glitter, red squares, green hex, black bars and larger holo diamonds. 
This one is great for layering. It was decent with 3 coats, not difficult or anything, but I think it’d look awesome over a black base.

It’s A Me, Mario!
How can you not love that name? Adorable 🙂
This is a clear base with red and blue small glitters and larger red and blue hex glitters. There are also some holo stars in there as well. This was a little thicker than Koopa was, so it’s most definitely a layering polish. It’s also kind of difficult to get the stars onto the wand so you’ll kind of have to deliberately search for them and place them on the nail.

Dino-Mite Yoshi
This is a clear base with a rusty orange microglitter, sheer pale yellow gold large hexes, smaller white glitters, green glitter, and red squares.
This one totally reminds me of the Yoshi eggs that were all different colors. 
As a polish, it was the same as Koopa was in that it was pretty decent to work with and 3 coats was not difficult to achieve a good finish with.

Toad-Ally Awesome
Toad happens to be my favorite Mario character, so that’s really the reason why I bought this polish. It is a cool polish though.
It’s a clear base with blue micro glitter, larger gold glitter, then white hexes, and large white, blue and red pieces of glitter. Very Toad, and his diaper and vest. 
Same consistency as Koopa as well.

Dollish Polishes are available on Llarowe, and this collection was originally $11 a bottle, but some of them are currently on sale at the store 🙂

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