The biggest part of my haul from Llarowe and Harlow & Co was the Lush Lacquers. While I was ordering, I was totally into the complex “kitchen sink” glitters, as well as unusual color pairings, so I ended up picking a lot of Lush Lacquers because they had the most of what I was looking for.
Lush Lacquer has a TON of different glitters that are all totally unique. I bought some of the halloween collection polishes as well as some of their most popular polishes.
All of the swatches are 3 coats from top to bottom, which is not the usual way I swatch things. I usually stack layers so you can see what the polish is like in 1, 2 and 3 coats but I figured with the glitters it’d be more beneficial to see how they are at most opaque.

Ticklish Teal

This was the first polish I picked out because as you all know I’m a sucker for teal. I always thought to myself that if I ever had a nail polish line, then the first thing I would do would be to make some sort of black and teal glitter, for my love of the San Jose Sharks. Lo and behold, it’s been made, in the form of Ticklish Teal.
Ticklish Teal is a black jelly base with black and holographic microglitter, and then larger pieces of teal hexagonal glitter. It’s amazing. And perfect. This was pretty set and as opaque as it gets (since it’s got a jelly base) at 2 coats, and is great for layering, but can be worn alone at 3 coats, shown above.

Black Friday
Who’s excited for black friday? I actually like… never shop on black friday. But I sure do love this Black Friday lol.
This is a black jelly base with a rainbow of hex glitter and then some red bar glitter. This was is most definitely ok with 2 coats. Actually with 3, it got clumpy and sort of over texturized so I would recommend just using 2 coats if you’re wearing this on it’s own instead of layering it.

Green With Envy
This one is a green jelly base with green, red and yellow hex glitter, with smaller red and darker red square glitter and red bar glitter. Another unusual combo glitter, like Hare Polish’s Heat Plague. This one was still sheer with 3 coats (base wise) so you’ll get visible nail line if you wear it on its own.

Cutest name ever. It’s a sheer…. like charcoal base? not black, but not clear, with large orange glitter, yellow and orange bar glitter, smaller purple glitter, and then smaller orange and purple glitter as well. This is awesome with 3 coats and SUPER festive. 🙂

“Birthday Cake”
First of all, I don’t know why this one is in quotes and the other ones aren’t on the label. But this is a white base with a ton of pastel colored glitters and bar glitters that make it look like sprinkles in frosting. Super fun, but probably better in 2 coats rather than 3.

Snow Globe
This is a clear base with white microglitter (like snow!) then bigger purple squares and hexes, blue, red, yellow and pink hexes and then possibly some other colors in there as well. Yellows, oranges etc. No green though. But still, very fun and wintery and well… like a snow globe 😀 This one was fine with 3 coats but is clear so unless you just like glitter on your nail (more like confetti) then you’ll want to put this over something.
Lush Lacquer is available at both Harlow & Co as well as Llarowe. They retail for $11 each. 

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