After seeing SayAnythingBr00ke as well as Radha’s pictures of this, I knew it was something I had to have.
Jade is another Brazilian brand that has incredibly strong holos in their line and I am ALL about the holos 🙂
This one is the most brilliant gold color – it’s that stunning honey, gold bar gold with a super strong linear rainbow holo.

The swatch above isn’t painted like most of my usual swatches – I chose to just go ahead and layer 3 coats through the whole swatch rather than stack like I normally do.
This was actually fairly opaque so it would’ve been fine with just 2 coats. If you layer one coat of this polish over another gold you can still see the other polish underneath with the awesome holo on top. I did that with OPI’s Goldeneye and had that as my manicure for when I saw Skyfall (which I loved).

Mystic Gold is $7 and can be purchased on Llarowe, which is an online etailer that sels multiple indie and international brands.

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