China Glaze (along with OPI) is the brand that I’m always so excited about when it comes to the holidays because they always do very coherent and relevant collections during the holidays. Plus they’re awesome at glitter, and always do glitter, and I love glitter. Who doesn’t?
This year China Glaze’s Holiday collection was called Holiday Joy. Like every year, it was a full 12 color collection. I only bought the glitters – otherwise there was a metallic blue, a shimmery red, and two red cremes.

Angel Wings
Angel wings is a gold microglitter with a holographic microglitter dispersed within it. It’s actually fairly dense so after 2 coats is good to go. It dries grainy so you’ll need a top coat. 
It’s pretty reminiscent of some of the microglitters China Glaze released in their Safari collection for Fall of this year. They’re both pretty and delicate and glittery without being too chunky or overwhelming. Something for those of you that don’t love the overly chunky look that some glitters give you. 

Glitter All The Way
Glitter all the way is a super colorful gold, red, purple, blue and green glitter all packed into a clear base. The glitters are all similar in size, they’re not microglitters though. Very festive and more Mardi Gras to me than holiday, but still festive. The color combination, if you substituted gold with silver, reminded me a lot of OPI’s Mad As A Hatter from their Alice In Wonderland collection. This is probably one of my favorites of this collection 🙂
It can be worn on it’s own, with 3 coats it’s pretty dense, but it’s great for layering.

Winter Holly
Winter Holly is a Christmas Tree Green microglitter with the same holographic microglitter speckled within. Also opaque in 2 coats. I love all of the glittery greens China Glaze does every year so I always look forward to them, and this definitely keeps that trend going.

Pure Joy
Pure Joy is a clear base with small red glitter and larger gold glitter. It actually reminds me a lot of Chinese New Year celebrations. It’s also sort of like the red version of the Hunger Games polish Riveting. This was opaque in 2 coats, and would also be great for layering.

Glistening Snow
This is a silver microglitter packed with holographic microglitter. This one seems to have more holo in it than the others do, but maybe that’s just because the silver is so reflective. 

Champagne Kisses
This is a rose goldy champagne microglitter. As far as I can see it’s not really packed with that much holo glitter. If anything it’s WAY less than the other three microglitters. This is one of my favorites as well though since it’s so delicate looking and feminine and almost looks neutral from far away but up close it’s a glitter.

Sidenote: Pizzazz is so hard for me to type. I hate going from Z to A so many times lol. Anyways, it’s basically that chunky rainbow glitter along the lines as Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann, Rainbow Connection by OPI, and Spark-Tacular Top Coat by Sephora by OPI. It may have less bright colors than the DL or OPI one… this may be more silver but it’s just a rainbow mix of glitter in fully chunky form. Very fun 😀
These are available in Ulta and Sally’s Beauty Supply as well as online on etailers now, and prices range from $3 to $6 depending on where you get them. 

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