I first came across Hare Polish on Tumblr – I love Tumblr for that reason. It’s got such a mish-mash of things that you’re always coming across something new. Mostly just internet stuff, but if you follow any beauty tags you get exposed to some spectacular people and things.
Honestly I had no idea what these were until I finally started seeing people blog about them and then I realized what I saw on Tumblr was the same as what I saw on the blogs and they hopped (pun intended) straight to the top of my lemming list.
Finally, I picked up a few after a large haul from Llarowe. A lot of the ones I wanted most were sold out but I did pick up some new ones as well as one that I saw on Holly’s channel.
All of the swatches are 3 coats from top to bottom, which is not the usual way I swatch things. I usually stack layers so you can see what the polish is like in 1, 2 and 3 coats but I figured with the glitters it’d be more beneficial to see how they are at most opaque.

Midsummers Midnight
Midsummer’s Midnight is a black jelly base with magenta, purple, blue and green glitter as well as speckles of black microglitter glitter. This was easy to apply and didn’t get too clumpy at 3 coats at all. 

Heat Plague
Heat Plague is a swampy green jelly base with an orange, magenta and purple glitter. I love the combination of color in this one. It’s sort of “gross” color combination is unique and actually very pretty looking when applied. Sort of looks like a germ culture 🙂 This was also easy to apply and not clumpy at all at 3 coats.

Golden Years
This one is stunning. I believe this was one of the new fall colors. It’s a teal jelly base with gold, teal, green glitters of various sizes and colors. This one shines multidimensionally and is SO pretty. It’s like a mermaid lagoon in a bottle, and totally reminds me of something you’d see in the show Once Upon A Time. Love! Formula was fantastically easy as well.
Hare Polishes are available on her store site on Etsy as well as on Llarowe. They’re $11 each. 

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