I got nail mail from Holly 😀 I sent her a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Lava so she in return sent me a surprise gift and it was Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire as well as a few Spoiled polishes.
Fantasy Fire is SUPER sought after and I sort of just settled with the fact that I was never going to get it but I was beyond surprised and thrilled to see it sitting in the little envelope next to two Spoiled polishes that I had actually never seen before.
Spoiled Polishes are super inexpensive and can be found in all drugstores. I actually don’t know where to get Max Factor polishes, but I know Fantasy Fire is hard to get.

 Checkin’ Into Rehab
Checkin’ Into Rehab is a purple jelly base with a delicate fiery shimmer in it. It definitely is a similar polish to Fantasy Fire, but instead of a duochrome it’s got the shimmer. The polish base color is pretty much the same. It is very sheer though so it takes about three or four coats to get full opacity. 

This polish would be great for jelly sandwiches.

 The Parking Meteor Expired
This is a black base with a turquoise to purple duochrome shimmer. SO PRETTY. Love 😀 It’s very reflective and opaque in 2 coats. The turquoise is the most prominent color in the duochrome but you can easily see the purple to blue shift at just the slightest angle change as well.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Fantasy Fire is a jelly purple base with an intense duochrome shimmer to it. It’s AWESOME. The bottle is very tiny (as I think all Max Factor polishes are?) but just stunning.
The shimmer is strongest at orange but shifts to green pretty easily. It isn’t fully opaque in three coats, so if you want full opacity it’d probably take like 4 coats to get there, but my plan is to layer it over other purple polishes, or even blue ones.
Below are more photos… they do all the talking 😀

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