A few weeks ago I posted a picture of all the holiday displays I saw at my Rite Aid, including the Sinful Colors one. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (and would like to), my username is yukiesano. I post a lot of nail polish stuff on there and it’s more quickly updated with my NOTW things 🙂
The Sinful Colors Holiday collection was either 6 or 8 colors and was a variety of pretty standard holiday shimmers and glitters. The three that I purchased were the most “worthy” in my opinion lol so I bought them, and pretty excitedly, because one of them was VERY similar to one of my favorite colors so far of the fall, Zoya’s Fei Fei.
I found them at Rite Aid for about $3 or $4 each. Sinful Colors is available at all drugstores and is fairly inexpensive, which is a total plus.

Winter Wonder

Winter Wonder is a steel blue base packed with a ton of glass fleck shimmer. The shimmer is a pale gold, and the base color itself has a slight color shift to it that makes the polish look very very complex. It’s gorgeous though and very similar to Zoya’s Fei Fei.
The only difference between Fei Fei and Winter Wonder is that Fei Fei is slightly lighter in color.
Winter Wonder was fully opaque in 3 coats, but that’s just because the formula of most glass flecks call for 3 coats. It was pretty easy to deal with, nothing to note on the formula.

Zoya Fei Fei (left) vs Sinful Colors Winter Wonder (right)

Nova is a dark inky indigo blue base with gold glass fleck shimmer in it as well. It’s very very deep and dark and super hard to photograph without it just looking black. The shimmer comes through to make it shine slightly turquoise like but it really is a gold shimmer in a blue base.

This was fully opaque in 2 coats.

Faceted is a clear base packed with a bunch of bluish purple microglitter and stringy opalescent confetti like glitter. The confetti glitter is that type of glitter that goes from gold to blue and goes with the microglitter really wonderfully. It’s definitely meant to be a layering polish, as it would take more than 3 coats to be fully dense as a glitter. 
The only polish I have that’s similar to this is China Glaze’s Marry A Millionaire from last year’s Marilyn collection. The base glitter in that one is fully a lavender purple though, and is more dense. It’s the same idea in a glitter though.

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