I’m so behind! I’m so sorry 😦
My 10 day absence from the internet world (aside from Instagram and Tumblr reblogging) happened because I got sick, and then work and school and my social life took over for a while. I also had a million things I needed to photograph. So here I am, back at it and with a few holiday things to show you.
All of the holiday things I buy will be tagged with the label “Holiday 2012”, so you can simply click on that label, either in the side bar or on the label at the end of each post and it’ll take you to everything holiday related for this year 😀 I tag and label all my posts, by the way, so for example if you wanted to see every post I’ve ever written about Essie (with more than just a passing sentence) then just click on the label.
Just a little teaser of what I have coming up: Revlon Holiday, Sinful Colors Holiday, China Glaze Holiday and a TON of indie brand polishes, and a video that features all of those things.
Today though I’ll go ahead and show you the Essie items I’ve bought recently.
Essie’s holiday collection this year is called the Leading Lady collection. It’s a six color collection, which is typically the size of Essie’s collections, and features 2 glitters and 4 cremes. I guess this is technically their winter collection, but I consider anything released in late october, november or december as a company’s holiday collection.
The 4 cremes in the collection are colors that I didn’t really need, but there was a lighter red, midtoned red, blue, and turquoise. I figured I have enough cremes in all of those colors so I didn’t buy them. Not even the turquoise.
I did buy the two glitters though since they seemed totally worth buying. I can never get enough glitter lol!

Beyond Crazy
Beyond Crazy is a light platinum gold colored microglitter in a clear base. It’s pretty densely packed and you get full coverage in 2 coats. I love this color of glitter, especially for the holidays so definitely look out for the NOTW post of this in december! It dries gritty, so a top coat is needed.

Leading Lady
Leading Lady is a wine red jelly base with a red glitter mixed in. I don’t have a glitter like this so this, even in the masses of red glitters I have in my collection. This is best at 2 coats but doable in 3. For layering it’d be ok to work with in one coat. Leading Lady also needs a top coat.
I also bought a few other Essies lately so I thought I’d just lump them in here as well. I bought three, but I only have two posted here because I have  NOTW post coming up right after this post featuring it (it’s Bahama Mama – spoiler, I don’t see what the fuss is about).

Wrapped In Rubies is a dark shimmery red with gold shimmer mixed in as well. It’s very holiday like so  I picked it up with every intention of using it with either Leading Lady or Beyond Crazy. Wrapped In Rubies is opaque in 2 coats.
Watermelon is a bright pink creme. It’s a reddish-pink, but doesn’t look as red as the swatch below. It’s opaque in 2 coats and a dream to work with.

Essie polishes are available at all drugstores and retail for between $7 and $9. Have any of you seen the holiday collection? Are you planning on purchasing any of them?

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