Admittedly, I’m actually not really a baseball fan. But, you can’t help but smile when your hometown team does well, especially when they’ve recently had major success (that being winning the World Series in 2010).
With the San Francisco Giants making the World Series again, and with Halloween coming in a week’s time, I got all #OrangeOctober inspired and decided to play around with some oranges, blacks, and glitters. 
This post is pretty basic so for all my regular followers, there won’t be anything groundbreaking here but for all you Giants fans, or Halloween enthusiasts… or Philadelphia Flyers fans I guess… here’s a bunch of different things you can do with your nails other than just painting them orange!
I hope you all enjoy this – everything is after the jump!

Let’s start with the base. If you really look around, you’ll find that orange isn’t the most common nail polish to find in the store, but they are there, and in many different forms!
There’s a few different types of finishes – let’s take a look:
OPI, which you can get at stores like Ulta or any sort of beauty supply store, retails for about $8.50, and does a great creme finish polish. Cremes are polishes with no sort of texture or finish other than just straight color, and dries to a glossy finish.
Many different brands do a creme finish orange polish though, and you can find them in much more accessible stores, for those of you that may not have an Ulta near you. Spoiled can be found at CVS, L’Oreal can be found at all drugstores, and Color Club can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond. These same brands, including other drugstore brands like Revlon, Maybelline and Sally Hansen also make white and black creme polishes as well!
***Spoiled Jail Bait & Color Club Lava Lamp are neon polishes, so they dry MATTE (not glossy) but that can be easily fixed with a clear polish or top coat on top***

If you want something with a little more oomph, you can get a shimmery or glittery orange polish as well. These, are like the name, are orange based polishes with some sparkle to them.
Typically, just so you know, glittery polishes tend to be thicker in texture and may not be completely opaque, so they are good to just layer once or twice over a creme polish.
Sinful Colors can be purchased at all drugstores.
Zoya can be purchased online on their website (link here) or Ulta stores.
Nubar can be purchased on their website.
China Glaze can be purchased at Sallys Beauty Supply and Ulta.
Now, let’s start making some fun things for our nails 😀
My absolute FAVORITE thing I’ve ever done with my nails (not just orange and black themed but in general), was a manicure that was actually based off of the Hunger Games books and film (click the photo to go to that post!):
Briefly to explain, this was supposed to mimic the “coals” and “girl on fire” theme that was for Katniss’ appearance as a tribute in the Capitol.
Whenever I think of orange and black, this is always what I think of in my head, so this sort of got the gears going. The thing is, I used a fairly expensive polish to do this, as well as a polish that is NOT available to the mass public so this wasn’t the most audience friendly manicure.
Originally, I used Butter London’s The Black Knight polish, which can be found at Nordstrom, Ulta and Sephora for $14 if you’re looking for it, as a base. I then layered a nail polish from Pa, a Japanese brand that I can only find in 2 places which are both Japanese accessory stores, over it. The Pa polish is a Flakey polish, which is a polish with a bunch of thin, opalescent flakes in it that is meant to be layered over other polishes.
The bright side is, this can be pretty easily re-created though! Here’s how:
All you need is a black base, a multicolored glitter, and a Flakey top coat.
The glitter I used was Julep’s Mila, which is $14 at Sephora BUT many brands like Sinful Colors, Spoiled, Wet N Wild and other drugstore brands have multicolored glitters. You’ll just want to use a glitter with a clear base.
The Flakey top coat is Essie’s Shine of the Times, which you can find in all drugstores as well as on Amazon. 
You don’t have to do a black base then glitter first though if you don’t want to… you can just use any black glitter polish you want or may have.
Currently there are some very cool ones in drugstores if you’re interested!
Maybelline’s Twilight Rays is a black with tiny gold glitter.
L’Oreal’s Queen’s Ambition is a black with tiny silver glitter.
Revlon’s Sparkle Aplenty is a black with larger hexagonal gray and black glitter. 
All three are available at all drugstores and are very affordable 😀
Moving on from there, we can do some very very basic nail art.
Striper polishes are polishes with very very long, thin brushes that make it easy to make long and thin lines on your nail. 
Stripe Rite stripers can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply, and the Sinful Colors Stripers can be found in Rite Aid.
For simple stripe manicures, just paint a portion (vertically in half, or diagonally in the corner etc) of the nail with a different color than your base, and then just stripe along the edge of the two colors!
Stripers don’t have to be just used simply though. You can use them to make dots! (You can also use a toothpick or bobby pin if you’d like)
Or make more complicated patterns:

If a striper seems too daunting for you, or if you don’t have a steady hand, you can use a crackle polish to easily achieve a unique nail “design” by just painting a coat on your nails.
Almost every brand of nail polish in the drugstore now makes a crackle polish so they are incredibly easy to find. Sally Hansen actually makes a white and silver as well, if you don’t have a Sally’s near you or Ulta near you to get China Glaze.
Crackle polishes are super easy to use – just put a coat over any polish and it dries like that on it’s own. Here’s a video demo if you’d like to see:
Before you go and crackle though just make sure that your base color is COMPLETELY DRY before you put the crackle top coat on. As long as the base is dry, everything will work fine… you can layer a crackle polish over something slightly wet (that’s NOT the base) to achieve a slightly more complicated crackle:
If the look of crackle isn’t your thing, which for a lot of people it isn’t, and you don’t have the steadiest hand, then you can always opt for the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens! It’s just like using a marker on your nails – again, just make sure your base is COMPLETELY dry before you draw, and make sure you shake the nail art pen very well before use!
These are available at all drugstores.

For people who want something glitzy, layering glitters is one of my favorite things to do. You get a multi-dimensional and very festive looking nail by layering glitters with different sizes and colors.
To get a more dense glitter look you can layer loose, dry glitters on your nails as well. Just sprinkle some glitter over your nail while it’s still wet (or you can quickly just paint some clear polish so that the glitter has something to stick to).
What I’ve used are Glitter Pots from Julep, which aren’t for sale on their website, but you can just use glitter from a craft store like Michaels.
After the glitter is on the nail, paint another coat of clear polish or top coat to seal it all in and to make it last for as long as possible.

Glitter polishes are tough to remove so here’s SayAnythingBr00ke’s (who is one of my favorite YouTubers) video on an easy way to remove them:

***regular nail polish remover works fine, you don’t have go buy acetone***

Finally, for something more intricate, you can always try nail art stamping. Stamping, with products like Konad which is what I use, gives you the opportunity to use get a very intricate and precise design very quickly and pretty easily.
These products aren’t available readily at drugstores but you can buy these online. There is all the information down below in the videos!

I hope all of that information is helpful to anybody out there – again this doesn’t have to necessarily be used JUST in support of the Giants, but for halloween or anything that requires orange or black like school rallies. Also, the nail art designs are just ideas and templates and colors can be switched out to your liking!
Have fun & Happy Polishing!

4 thoughts on “Orange & Black Nail Art – Happy Halloween and Happy World Series, SF Giants Fans!

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