Project Runway has another line this year in drugstores with L’Oreal. Last year’s was such a success (especially the blushes) that this year they came out even stronger and larger.
Even though that’s the case, I actually ended up only buying a few of the polishes – it is worth looking at though if you’re curious. I loved the blushes last year, so if you’re looking for a good line of drugstore blushes I recommend those, and to hurry since they’re limited edition. They’re large pans and were soft and pigmented and looked great on the skin.
Back to the nail polish, this is Queen’s Ambition. Last year the collection was based off of birds… I guess this year everything is Queen and Temptress oriented.
Queen’s Ambition is a very pigmented black base with silver microglitter. It’s the not the most unique of polishes but it caught my eye because it sparkled quite beautifully in the display. Idk, it screamed “buy me”.
I used only 2 coats so it wasn’t too bad. Would I totally recommend it for purchase over the others? No, especially if you already have a black with silver glitter, but if you don’t, maybe go check it out 🙂
I used Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat, and Out The Door top coat.
After this I layered some space nails over it, which will be a whole different post, and will be up asap!

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