I have a few of the jack-o-lantern polishes to show you this year. I swear… every other district or city get’s such a better variety and pick of these and the snowman ones that come out for the holidays. My stores always have the most boring colors… Anyways, these are the 3 I picked up.
Just as a little informational recap, these are sold exclusively at Rite Aid and are made by the Blue Cross Beauty group. They come out with jack-o-lantern and snowman ones, and some regions have been known to get really gorgeous and unique colors. They retail for $2.99 each and can be found in a little display on those little island shelves they have. The polishes never have names or numbers, so this is just what I have to show you.
This is a dusty pink glitter in a clear base. There’s also a mix of silver and bright purple glitter. The sliver glitter is slightly smaller as well as large and hexagonal. You’ll be able to see it more clearly if you click and enlarge the photos.
It layered ok – 2 coats and you get a good amount of glitter on the nail. I totally don’t see this as a halloween color, and it doesn’t glow in the dark or react to black light, but whatever, it’s pretty 🙂
natural light / flash
This is a glow in the dark baby pink with iridescent microglitter as well as larger hexagonal pieces. It has a sheer, almost jelly like finish, but it’s more like a matte gel, the same way that many glow in the dark polishes are. This is actually pretty on it’s own, so I’d totally just wear it out without the intention of using it as a glow in the dark polish.
natural light / flash

This one is a warm, berry toned purple with iridescent microglitter. It’s a black light polish, and since I don’t have a black light I can’t tell you how that looks. This is another polish though that’s pretty on it’s own so I’d again, totally wear it out. The glitter does give it a slightly rough finish so a top coat will be needed.
natural light / flash

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