My skin has been acting a little out of sorts lately so I started pulled this out of my untrieds drawer to see if it would make a difference.
This was from one of my boxes from Sara about a year ago. Since recently, I was trying to use up the rest of my skin care products and masks. I love the CVS Mint Mask and the Lush Love Lettuce masks and finally got through all of those.
Soap & Glory is originally a British brand, I think, and used to be available at Target. It’s now available at Sephora and Ulta. 
Their most well known product is their amazing hand cream, which I’ve already posted a review of, a while ago. Sara also sent me their eye cream, body wash, leg exfoliator and body scrub (reviews are finally in the process of being posted!) and I’ve loved them all. 
The Fab Pore is listed as a facial peel and pore-refining treatment. On the little pot it says you can use it quickly, like a 5 minute application, or use it as a mask.
I’ve only ever used it as a mask and quite like the feeling and results.
The product is a white cream with small blue microbeads. It’s not a typical cream though – it feels almost like shaving cream at the same time. The blue microbeads, which you cant see in the picture, are soft.
You’re supposed to put a good amount on your face and massage it into your skin until the beads are gone. I’ve never gotten all the blue beads to go away but about half of them disappear after massaging for about a minute.
It smells also like shaving cream but minty at the same time. 
The cream feels soft on the skin and doesn’t tingle or have any specific feeling on the skin. It’s quite pleasant. I usually keep it on for 15-20 minutes, but it doesn’t ever dry down completely when I use it. I like it because it’s comfortable to wear.
After rinsing it off, my skin felt noticeably softer. It also felt nicely nourished although after a few times I haven’t seen super noticeable differences in my pores. I figure I have to use this more though in order to see it.
Have you guys tried this? Or do you have any favorite masks I should try??

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