Sidenote before I talk about the actual polish – this is why I love how OPI names it’s polishes. To paraphrase, in 1871, Catherine O’Leary’s farm caught on fire, and thus the Great Chicago Fire happened. She allegedly started the fire while milking her cow but that didn’t actually happen. She was asleep when the fire started in her barn. But still, funny name.
Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ is basically a barbeque sauce color. It’s a creme finish. It’s more brown in some lights and more red in others.
It’s opaque in 2 coats, I used three just out of habit. I used it over OPI’s Nail Envy and under Out The Door fast dry polish.
This photo was taken right before I removed it, but it was on for a good four days before any sort of wear was noticeable.
I think this is a permanent color, as I’ve seen it in my local beauty supply store frequently, and is a great color for those of you looking for a good dark red.
OPI is available at Ulta, etailers and beauty supply stores and salons. It retails for between $8 and $10.

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