This is my second YSL Balm and I have to say – I love these! Yes, they are pretty pricey for just being a balm, especially the sheer ones, but I really do love how they make my lips feel after using them. 
The YSL Glossy Balms are all very sheer balms that range from very sheer, like this one, to darker like a cherry red and magenta. You can purchase these at Sephora, and they retail for $30 each.
Sara actually sent this to me for my birthday, about a month ago, and I was THRILLED to have found this in the box.
3 Pamplemousse Glace (Juicy Grapefruit)is a very sheer baby pink color with a slight shimmer to it. It swatches very lightly and actually does deposit some color to my lips, but not a ton. It has a noticeable glossy finish to it and is scented very lightly and pleasantly.
If you don’t mind spending the money for it, I would say go at least play with them in store to see if you like them. The more pigmented colors obviously serve more of a purpose than the sheer ones. I use this one quite a lot though when I just want a sheer lip that will moisturize for the majority of the day. 
Do any of you have these?

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