Smith’s Rosebud Salve is the first brand/product that I really had a lemming for, back when I was 12. I briefly stated in a video that before makeup or anything is really on anybody’s radar as a “thing” that people are into, that lip balms are the thing that people are totally into. At least it was that way for me.
Story time 🙂
When I was in middle school, and well I guess fifth grade as well, Limited Too was the hot store to shop at. They had that typical year 2000 style for 12 year olds that was very sugar coated and candy-like. The store was glitter and hearts and pop music. I was super into pop culture, and I still am, but it was driven by my love (and still very apparent love) of Britney Spears. At the height of her career everything was influenced by her, and everything I wanted was totally influenced by her. So, in I went to Limited Too, buying all sorts of lip products and such (really it was an early sign of my obsessive need for makeup, why didn’t I see it before). I had a pretty massive collection of glassy finish lip balms for a 12 year old.

When I turned 13, and middle school graduation came along, I went shopping for formal wear because there was a big dance after graduation. I went to a local store in SF called Ambiance, and at the counter, sitting there was Smith’s Rosebud Salve Balm, in it’s original potted form. It smelled very feminine and lady like, and perfectly of roses. I didn’t buy it because my mom wouldn’t let me and I quite honestly had no idea what it was.
High School came along and I had more freedom to purchase things. I had always thought about that balm though because it was, in my brain, amazingly luscious smelling and feminine looking and one of those “none of my friends have it” products.
Before I bought that one, I actually bought the strawberry balm they have and LOVED (and still love) it. That one I found in some random accessory store, but I never saw the original in other places aside from Ambiance.
At some point, I ventured into Sephora for only my second time (first time being in Las Vegas when I was 10, and I had no idea what Sephora even was, but I knew I liked it) and bought both the original pot of Smith’s and the mint rose pot.
I’ve been purchasing Smith’s Rose Balm since I was 15, and being 22 now, I can safely say it’s one of my all time favorite balms, and will probably continue to be. For me, it’s the absolute original rose scented balm. A few companies now have similar products but I always go looking for Smith’s.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is, I think, supposed to be a multi-purpose balm that moisturizes and keeps your skin nourished. I know the majority of people keep it for their lips, but I’ve used it for my cuticles, hands, and other dry spots before and it’s worked pretty nicely.
Both the potted form and the tube form are $6 and are available at Sephora. This one is obviously meant to be more for lips because of it’s applicator – the potted form comes in a little aluminum tin that opens up to a fully free form of the salve. 
The texture is like Vaseline, but much much less sticky. It’s slightly oilier, but not oily. Just thinner than vaseline. These do melt in warmer temperatures; a lot of my tins met pre-mature ends because I’d take them to swim meets and they’d just… melt in the tin, re-harden and not be the same consistency as it once was.
On me, it moisturizes my lips for a good half of the day before I have to reapply. The scent is just lovely and doesn’t smell overly artificial or waxy like some rose scented products can be. 
The tube form is pretty convenient for purses and clutches. The potted form I pretty constantly keep beside my bed. I don’t really have a preference for one or the other… since the product is the same consistency in both packaging, sometimes it can be hard to squeeze the balm out of the tube, but sometimes it can be hard to open the tin, so they’ve both got their pros and cons.
It’s tinted a sheer pink, but it makes no noticeable tint to my lips when I apply it.
Do any of you have products like this that you’ve used forever?

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