My beloved Seche Vite had run out the other day so I went searching for a new one to use. I don’t even remember where I was but I picked this up because I had vaguely seen it in other blogs and never head anything necessarily horrible about it so into my collection it went.
This was about $8, and I’ve seen it at drugstores before but again, I don’t remember exactly which store I bought it at.
It’s supposed to comparable to Seche Vite in the glossiness and long wear and quickness of drying so I was pretty excited to start using it.
I have a little swatch below of OPI’s Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede so you can see what it looks like in it’s original form, with Out The Door (middle) and Seche Vite (right).

I still think Seche Vite is glossier – it’s much thicker though. Out The Door is thinner, not runny, just thinner. It’s not as glossy. Both dry in about the same time though so that’s a plus.
You can see the glossiness of both again below. Seche is on the bottom, Out The Door is in the middle.

Seche is slightly more expensive, and that slightly higher price is really just for glossiness. If you’re looking for just a good top coat that dries really quickly, then you’ll want to check this out 🙂

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