I don’t know what these are called, and what collection they’re from, and really, when they were released or anything but I found them at Target and they were very pretty so I decided to pick them up. They were about $1.99 each so really, no big deal if they didn’t turn out amazing or anything.
On side of the label it says 2F01AS but I don’t know if that’s anything because it’s written on both bottles.
The first one is a dark purple with a blue and magenta glass fleck that shimmers purple in regular light. The second is a dark forest green with green and gold glass fleck.
They’re definitely much more alive in the sun, as you can see below 🙂

It’s hard to photograph the polishes in their true, applied form. I kept photographing them and they just looked… dark and inky and black in photos.
Both polishes applied evenly and were opaque in 2 coats – the shimmer didn’t sink in to the polish and were both very vibrant in the swatches, regardless of the number of coats. The purple’s shimmer was sightly less bright when applied than the green. They both had a surprisingly glossy finish, so much so that a top coat may not be needed if you’re not planning on wearing the polish for more than a week. I can’t speak to the wear of the product, as I haven’t actually worn it yet.
Again, the purple was super difficult to photograph so there’s only really one photo that was worth posting that I have.
I bought these at Target right by the ELF aisle but it was in a separate display. The display didn’t have any labels or logos or anything so really I don’t have any real information about these polishes. If anybody does, please let me know!

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