I have another NYC product to show you 🙂 I just posted the Sunny bronzer review earlier today.
This I picked up when I picked up the bronzer at Target. I honestly never really saw or paid attention to very much on the NYC stand unless I went and specifically sought out a product, like I did with the Sunny bronzer.
The Eye Dusts were sort of out of the way and on the bottom of the stand at my drugstore so I never saw them. I was just about to leave when I saw this, in it’s weird little pot and picked it up just out of curiosity because I had no idea what it was. Then I tilted it in the light and there was this massive blue flash and I was totally sold!
It was $3.99 so I wasn’t even bothered at all if it may have the potential to not work very well as a product.
When you open it, there’s a little ring that is attached to a small, square ended fluffy brush. Doesn’t really work for anything but the product is pretty accessible underneath.
The eye dust is a loose pigment. It’s a icy white powder with a strong blue flash. Love! It’s not as blue as Mac’s Frozen White or the Jesse’s Girl pigment (which the label fell off of mine so I couldn’t tell you the exact name) that’s also a blue duochrome. The blue in this one has a slight purple tone to it, and reminds me a lot of Benefit’s old old Showoffs product in Meringue, which is one of my favorite products ever.

It’s pretty pigmented, although it’s much more pigmented when layered over black like most lighter duochrome pigments.
The swatches below was just one swipe of my finger, the one on the left in natural light the one on the right in early evening light.
I definitely and unexpectedly was very happy with this product especially because it’s so inexpensive. I’m glad that more companies are starting to do loose pigments, and even further, duochrome pigments.

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