This is the first of a couple of drugstore gems I have to show you.
Most of you have probably heard all the praises for this bronzer already, as I have, but I thought I’d give you my thoughts on it anyways 😀
NYC is probably one of the most inexpensive brand at the drugstore, aside from Wet N Wild and ELF. Their products are pretty hit and miss but when they do have good products, they’re pretty damn good.
Sunny Bronzing Face Powder is a matte bronzer. It’s a lighter bronzer – sort of a terracotta color. The undertones aren’t too orange, but aren’t too brown either. This is a great bronzer for lighter toned skin because it’s light and isn’t completely 100% the most pigmented powder either.

It’s not… not-pigmented, but if you compare it to something like Nars Laguna, which is pretty pigmented, it’s not as strong. It does delicately apply color though and is good for extending your summer color through the fall months, especially if you have medium skin like I do.
The powder is fairly soft and easy to blend, it also builds pretty well. 
It wears decently – again, not as long as Laguna but that’s because it’s matte and lighter.
This is available at all drugstores and retails for about $4. For the price, I totally recommend this product!

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