You guys all know I love me some red nail polish. I just posted a video on it! When OPI’s Germany collection was released, I didn’t see anything that great or special in the collection and then I saw Scrangie’s swatches and well, I bought all three shimmery reds from the collection.
Danke-Shiny red is a Christmas Ribbon red. It’s warm toned and has a very delicate, satin ribbon like shimmer to it. It’s opaque in 3 coats, and gives the loveliest glowy look on the nail.
I didn’t keep it shiny though – I matted it out because in Scrangie’s swatches, she did it and it looked amazing matted out!
The matte top coat I used was OCC’s Flatline, which is the only matte top coat I own. I like it, it does the job, but I want to try Essie’s because it’s apparently amazing. OCC’s does the job but sometimes I feel like I have to shake the bottle REALLY well and layer it to get a good, flat matte.
When matted out, it sort of pulls all the blue tones out of it and ends up looking slightly darker than when in it’s original form.
I used Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat. I didn’t (obviously) use a top coat but this polish still lasted about 5 days without chipping or any real wear, which was actually quite impressive.
OPI’s Germany Collection is new for the fall so is easy to find still. OPI polishes retail for $7 to $9 and can be purchased at Ulta as well as beauty supply stores. OCC’s Flatline can be purchased on the OCC site.

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