One of my favorite nail polish girls on YouTube Holly, who I mentioned in previous videos, started doing a “Roy G Biv” (stands for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet… a rainbow…. here in the states) series of her favorite polishes. I thought that was an amazing idea, and thought it was ridiculous I hadn’t thought of that before, and decided to do it too!
Holly is awesome – she has great nail polish picks every month in her favorites video, she’s a law student, and has the greatest sense of humor. I look up to her immensely as a person because she works so hard and does so much, and is very down to earth. She actually first contacted me on Beautylish a year or so ago and then I found her channel and have been watching ever since. Go subscribe to her!
Since this is my first video of the series, I have all my very favorite reds for you. 
Here are the colors I mentioned:
I would love to know what some of your favorite red polishes are… so please comment down below 🙂 
If I have NOTW posts of any of the polishes I mentioned, they’re linked above. Enjoy!

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