Wheeeeeeeee swatches today! I have some super random Essie swatches that I haven’t posted yet. The fifth polish in the photo above is actually Muchi Muchi which I just had a NOTW post of. 
I’ve had these all for a while just haven’t been able to photograph or put them up so here they are now 🙂
Essie Polishes are SO easy to find now that they’re in every drugstore and even in places like Bed Bath and Beyond. They retail for about $7 to $9, and their color range has vastly expanded since I first knew of Essie.
They release collections fairly regularly and I always find their formula to be easy to work with and pigmented. Most of their colors are creme finishes – they have a few metallics and shimmers and a small collection of glitters. They’re definitely more of a “lady” brand to me, versus a “fun” brand like China Glaze. It’s no wonder that their creme polishes are some of my favorites – they’ve pretty much perfected the formula since that’s all they really do, or at least specialize in.
I do like the direction they’ve been going in though. They’ve introduced a lot of color into their brand, instead of always having the baby pinks they were known for. Also their glitters were a huge step and were very well done. 
Anyways, photos and swatches are after the jump 😀

Trophy Wife
Trophy wife is a dark shimmery turquoise. The formula is sheer at first but then builds very nicely at two and three coats. The bright turquoise shimmer really pops at that point and is gorgeous at it’s full potential.

Aruba Blue
This polish I always ALWAYS stopped to gaze at whenever I walked by it at CVS. It’s just so deep but bright and was one of the colors that stood out the most at the bottom of the Essie rack, amongst all those pinks. It’s, like Trophy Wife, sheer at one coat but then at two and three coats very vibrant and just gorgeous. 

Boxer Shorts
Boxer Shorts was part of the Yogaga collection and was the one color that stood out apart from the rest of the colors, which were sort of more neutral. It was like their transition collection from summer to fall. This is a very creamy periwinkle blue, and is opaque in two coats. It’s slightly darker on the nail than it is in the bottle. It’s similar to Essie’s Secret Peri-wink-le. 

Master Plan
Master Plan is a light grayish brown. I surprisingly don’t have this shade of neutral taupe. This is slightly warmer than your standard taupe, and is also lighter. It doesn’t really have any purple tones to it. I wasn’t really looking for a color like this but it caught my eye as it was standing alone in the Revlon section at CVS. This was also opaque in two coats. 

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