Sorry for the not great picture. But this happened to be the only picture I took of this on my nails before I removed it. I need to get better at making sure my nails get photographed!
This is another Essie pink that I wouldn’t have picked out of the rack because Essie does so many pinks. But I didn’t pick out of the rack… it was laying around in the middle of CVS’s Revlon stand and I thought “huh, that’s pretty!” so I picked it up. I was recently in the mood for a good baby pink that was slightly darker than my other baby pinks. OPI’s Fly is similar in color, maybe slightly less milky. Either way, I did quite like it on my nails. All the little girls in daycare loved it lol.
I used Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat and Seche Vite. This lasted on my nails without chipping or wear for 2 days before I removed it and wanted to wear something else haha. 
Essie polishes are available at drugstores and retail for about $7 to $9 each.

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