Of all the Urban Decay products, I think their eyeliners are my favorite, especially their liner sets. Every holiday season it seems like they release another awesome set and this year is no different. 
The Ocho Loco set comes with 8 full sized 24/7 liners, with a ton of exclusive colors. Some are permanent, and colors that you may have gotten in a palette for example. For the price, which was $60, it was totally a steal. 
There’s a good range of neutrals to more fun colors so I totally recommend this as a gift or something you may want to put on a wishlist for the holidays 🙂 It also includes Perversion, which is the blackest of black liners. 
Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner’s formula is super smooth, pigmented and stays put ALL day. 
This set is available at Sephora, online only, as well as Urban Decay’s website!

The set comes with their duo pencil sharpener named Grindhouse. Apparently this a great pencil sharpener – a lot of people rave about it. It’s nice to have since it has 2 sizes and is cutely decorated. Idk… I don’t really have a preference for pencil sharpeners. If it works, it works. Lol.

The 8 colors available in the set are Mushroom, Hustle, Rockstar, Psychedelic Sister, Perversion, LSD, Junkie and Stash.
Urban Decay says the new shades are Mushroom, Hustle, Psychedelic Sister and LSD. Back By Demand is Junkie, and then the best sellers (which I’m assuming are part of their permanent line) are Rockstar, Perversion and Stash. I could have sworn Psychedelic Sister came in a mini-form in a palette, but they may mean “new” as in “new as a full sized liner”. Either way, I totally think this makes this set even more of a good deal.

Like most of their brand, color names correspond to other products in their line – the eyeshadow Mushroom is very similar in color to the liner. At least it’s in the same color family.
Each liner comes packaged with a matte metal cap and end, and the body of the pencil shows what color the pencil actually is. This is totally not important to the quality of the pencils, but I love that they’re designed this way. It makes it so easy to find the pencil I’m looking for in my drawer. Mac pencils all being black with just the tip being colored makes it so hard sometimes to find what I’m looking for. Again, a total personal pickiness thing but I thought it was worth stating lol.

Mushroom is a “taupe-pewter metallic”. The base color is a lighter taupe base. It has a silver sheen to it. It’s like a warmer, browner version of Satin Taupe by Mac.
Hustle is a warm, golden brown. Urban decay calls it “medium brown metallic”. There’s a warm brown shimmer to it. The color base is like Mac’s Mulch, just without the gold shimmer. 

The photo above makes it look black, but it’s a very dark purple, or “darkest eggplant”. It reminds me of Mac’s Shadowy Lady shadow, with a slight purple shimmer to it. Sort of like OPI’s Lincoln Park At Midnight polish, just in liner form.

Psychedelic Sister
This is a lighter, brighter purple. It’s described as a “bright purple shimmer”. It’s a blue toned, almost royal purple shade with a Crayola purple shimmer shot through it. Very pretty, and awesome on the lower lash line for a pop of color.

Darkest, blackest, deepest liner ever. “Blackest-black matte”. Pretty self explanatory, but really, it’s an awesome liner. It never bleeds so it never looks gross after a long day and it doesn’t lean gray or brown like some black liners do. 

LSD is described as “navy with bright turquoise shimmer”. This is my favorite of the set. It reminds me of Mac’s Petrol Blue Pearlglide Intense Liner, just WAY cooler and more intense. It really is what Urban Decay describes it to be. It also looks amazing as a pop of color under the eyes and is truly unique to any product I own. This, to me, makes the set SO much more worth than what you’re paying for.

Junkie is another liner that I got from a different set. It’s a more vibrant version of Mac’s Undercurrent Pearlglide Intense Liner, which is one of my favorite liners of all time. It’s a teal with gold shimmer and is just gorgeous. I’m so glad I have a full size of it!

This is probably my second favorite. It’s described as “dark green/gold”. To me it’s an olive green base with slight brown undertones and a vibrant gold shimmer. Very cool – sort of chameleon like. It’s a color that looks neutral when paired with neutral colors but can pull more green or gold if you pair it with greens or golds. It’s interestingly pretty.

Again the formula for these was awesome across the board, as expected. The most pigmented were the neutrals. The blues seemed to be slightly less pigmented than the others but it wasn’t noticeably less pigmented and nothing of concern.
This set is available now on Urban Decay’s website as well as Sephora Online (only) and retails for $59.

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