Woooooot late swatch posts! Lol. 
In the summer Butter London was having a sale at Nordstrom so I bought a bunch of them, including some of the new Fall 2012 colors.
I in general really like Butter London, although they are pricey. They’re available at Ulta, Sephora and Nordstrom and are about $14 a piece but the colors and formula are really nice. One of those “I love you but you hurt my wallettttt” things lol. So whenever a sale comes up for Butter London I immediately jump at the chance to hoard them lol. 
From their permanent line I bought a few really popular colors that I hadn’t had before and then I bought three from new fall line including one of the holos 🙂
British Racing Green

British Racing Green is a forest green with a delicate teal shimmer. It’s opaque in two coats and super smooth. This is one of the colors that people raved about a ton but I had just never picked up because I figured I could get it whenever. I feel stupid for not buying it earlier though because it’s so pretty! It’s pretty unique as well. I don’t have very many dark greens, especially in this shade.

Bluey is a sheer turquoise shimmer with blue flecks. In some lights it looks more blue and in some lights it leans a little green. It’s opaque in 3 coats and finishes in a very jewel like blue on the nail.
Trout Pout
Trout Pout was released in the spring but I think they put it in their permanent range. It’s another color that people really rave about so I thought I’d pick it up. 
It’s a very opaque coral pink. One of those colors that I don’t really use all that often since these tones don’t look great on me but I bought it anyways because it’s just SO pretty to not have. It looks better on me since it’s not too orange toned. This was almost opaque in one coat.
Cheeky Chops
Cheeky Chops is a sunny yellow creme. This is one of the first Butter London colors I had ever seen swatches of and it started the lemming for them. It’s not a pastel – it’s not milky or anything. This was pretty much opaque in 2 coats but almost in 1. 

Of the five or six fall 2012 colors, I bought three of them. Butter London released 2 holos, one was pistachio and the other was silver. The rest were glitters. One was a very rusty bronze color.


I seem to have lost the swatch of this. But I’ll take another photo of it and post it when soon. This is a pistachio base with holo in it. It’s not completely linear. It’s opaque in two to three coats.

Lovely Jubbly

This one is like the glitter in The Black Knight. It’s magenta, blue, gold, silver… it’s super pretty! It layers really well. It does dry to a gritty finish so you’ll need a top coat. I think it’ll work well as a layering polish as well as on it’s own.


Gobsmacked is a gray base with tiny graphite colored glitter. The texture of this reminds me of Finger Paints glitters. It’s similar to a lot of products out there, I just don’t have any like it.
This polish is opaque in 2 coats and looks AMAZING with a top coat on top of it.

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