Goodies from OPI 😀
Here’s just a little mix of colors I’ve accumulated from OPI in the last month, along with one nail therapy.
The Minnie Mouse, Nail Envy and Germany colors I bought at a local beauty supply store, the rest I found at my local CVS.
I always say I’m not going to buy certain things, but I feel like I totally always end up doing. I think it’s because I say that to myself so that I don’t buy them initially lol. Not only did I say I wasn’t going to buy any Germany colors, but I said that about the Minnie Mouse colors and the non-glitters from the Muppets collection. At least I held out until now, right?
OPI Colors are available at local beauty supply stores as well as Ulta and select etailers. They range between $7 and $9 (with the exception of Nail Envy which is more expensive).

More photos and swatches after the jump!!

OPI Original Nail Envy
This product, and it’s matte sister, I’ve heard RAVE reviews for so I knew I’d eventually pick it up. I’ve really heard about it mostly in the context of base coat, rather than nail strengthener, but I’ve heard equally good reviews about it as a nail therapy.
It retails for slightly more than your standard OPI polish, which I’m assuming is because it’s a therapy. 
The instructions state that you’re supposed to use two coats of it and you’ll see improvements on your nails.
Nail Envy dries to a nice shiny finish, like a top coat. It’s consistency is a little thinner. I’ve used it as a base coat and it’s not as good, staying power wise, as my beloved Nubar Foundation Base Coat, but it’s not bad! Plus I feel like I’m doing something good for my nails. Since I haven’t been using it for so long, I can’t actually tell you if it’s that strengthening, but if I see noticeably good results, you guys will for sure know!
And on to the polishes! We’ll start with the Germany colors:
German-icure by OPI / Every Month Is Oktoberfest!
So really, I wasn’t planning on buying these at all. In fact, I saw swatches, and still didn’t want them. But then I started to revisit swatches. And then there I was, way past release, buying a couple of the new colors. 
I actually bought 3 of them, but I haven’t photographed the third (I have done a NOTW post on it though, so you’ll see it there!). [Not]Surprisingly, I bought all the rich, shimmery dark red tones. It was Scrangie’s swatches, and her matted out swatches, that sold me on these polishes.
German-icure by OPI
Of the two dark reds, this is the more brown toned one. 
It’s really like the very end of the fall, when the leaves go from red to brown, and you’re sipping hot apple cider. One of those colores.
It’s opaque in 2 coats, and the red shimmer really shines when you layer it, creating the most beautifully rich, deep shimmery red. The base is a brown, and the red shimmer makes it look more ted than it really is, as you can see in the swatch (my swatches, as always, go from 1 coat at the top, 2 in the middle, 3 on the tip). 
The red shimmer is especially bright in the light:
German-icure by OPI
Every Month Is Oktoberfest!
This may look the same in the bottle pictures, but this is a vastly different, and equally rich and deep color. The base of this one is a violet, and the red shimmer just jumps out the polish!
Really at one coat, it’s a sheer Crayola Crayon Purple, just with a super vibrant red shimmer. At 2 coats, the purple deepens up, and the red shimmer becomes more alive and it’s a gorgeously vampy, deep, red shimmer. It’s so unique and so pretty! Hence, I had to buy.
More photos to see the shimmer!

On to the other colors from more recent collections – Muppets & Minnie Mouse.

OPI’s Muppets Collection was last year’s holiday collection. I bought all the glitters, and nothing else from the collection. I still love the glitters, but these, after seeing them in person, I was really caught by and quite surprised I didn’t buy them sooner.
Magenta base with a bright glass fleck. There’s a color shifting quality to the glass flecks… almost gold to orange to pink but I’m not quite sure lol. I like the magenta base though. Very girly and fun! Opaque in 2 coats.
Pepe’s Purple Passion
Boy photographing this was hard lol. The bottle shows the glass flecks, the swatch shows the actual color. Soooooooo lol. 
The base is a sort of prune-juicy purple with that same shifty glass fleck as Meep-Meep-Meep was. Also opaque in 2 coats. This I’ll probably wear a lot in the winter 🙂
Nothin’ Mousie ’bout It
Over the summer OPI released a mini 4 color collection themed off of Minnie Mouse. The other 3 colors were reds and pinks but this was the standout. 
It’s a sheer pink glass fleck base with pink glitter hearts. SO CUTE! It layers pretty well – the glass fleck comes out really nicely. The swatch above is actually just 3 coats of the polish all the way through. It’s meant to be a top coat so you’re really not going to get any sort of color payoff, unless you just want a shimmer on your nails.
The hearts are annoying to get on the nail though… def have to try and place them, which I was expecting because shaped glitter is always heard to get on the nail. 

And the final two are just some random blues that I picked up at CVS. I don’t know how available these are regularly, because my impression of the OPIs available at CVS is that they’re discontinued. Like… long discontinued. Like that time I hoarded 5 Smitten With Mittens – that type of discontinued. Either way, I always make a point to frequently check CVS in case I find something good. A lot of times, I do!

OPI Ink Suede
The other suede I have from OPI was SO pretty (it’s a green one… Here Today Aragon Tomorrow perhaps, but the colors are so different from the original that I just can’t remember) that I immediately purchased this without hesitation when I saw it.
OPI’s original OPI Ink was a gorgeous dark violet and blue shimmer. This one is a dark blue-violet with tones of silver shimmer that dries matte. It looks like suede on the nail when dry and is super pretty. The best part about these though is when you put a top coat on them. Look how shimmery! Nothing compares to it.  
These are pretty opaque in 1 coat but I would use 2. The formula is pretty thin so it doesn’t feel thick on the nail.

Go On Green!
I honestly have no idea what collection this is from. Possibly Brights? But that’s a total stab in the dark. This beauty was shimmering in the florescent lights of CVS and I stopped everything I was doing and thinking about and just stared at it for a while. It’s a light blue to bright green duochrome. I don’t know why OPI doesn’t do more colors like this, when they do duochromes pretty well. The green is super bright in the swatch even though the color is pretty sheer. 
Layered over black or dark blue, it’d be awesome.

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