Long overdue, but hey, it’s here right?
A couple of weeks ago I picked up some of the new Maybelline Fall 2012 products. I also have a post on the earth toned Color Tattoos, which you can read here.
Last year, the Maybelline Fall collection was easily the best drugstore collection for the fall, and one of the better ones overall I think. They released Limited Edition shadow palettes, like this year, that had great color payoff and were SO inexpensive compared to other palettes you may by from Sephora and such.
This year Maybelline released 2 different Fall collections – there was your full earth toned collection, with palettes, creme shadows, polishes and lip products. They also released some jewel toned Color Tattoos at Target with corresponding colored mascaras.
I picked up only a few of the products outside of the 4 Color Tattoos. These were also all released at different times. The 4 Color Tattoos were released at Rite Aid about a week before everywhere else, and then after everywhere had them, they released the rest of the collection. Then the jewel toned Color Tattoos followed and were released at Target.
You can still find all these products at drugstores and the prices of each product vary in price depending on where you get them and what’s on sale.
More after the jump!

400 Olive Martini
There were 4 palettes released with the collection and I bought 2 of them. 
Olive Martini is a mix of brown and green tones, with the appeal of the palette being the bright brown/teal duochrome.
The first two colors are the lightest. The one on the left is a light champagne beige with a frosty finish. The one on the right is a light sea foam like icy mint also with a frosty finish.
Both have pretty good pigmentation and apply smoothly. The first color is very versatile but not incredibly unique seeing as that every brand has that color in their line. The sea foam is gorgeous though. It’s dainty but you can see the color really well when you use it. It’s also not a color I’d use in the fall but I will for sure pull this color out in the winter.
The third and fourth colors are a strong brown/teal duochrome and a dark warm brown with a rich depth of color.
The brown/teal duochrome is super pigmented. The base is a reddish brown. It’s really pretty much the same as the duochrome in the Wet N Wild 8 shadow palette. It’s also really similar to an Inglot pigment and Mac’s Blue Brown pigment, although Mac’s is more blue than teal. 
The dark brown is gorgeous. One of my favorite colors to wear in the fall. It’s super pigmented as well and very easy to blend. Love!

100 Cozy Cashmere
This one reminded me a lot of last hear’s Strut it Suede, which was my favorite from their collection. Cozy Cashmere is a range of neutrals, all leaning warm except for the first color.
The color on the far left is a slightly cooler toned pale gold. It’s super shimmery and gorgeous! It finishes very pigmented and has an amazing bright frosty finish.

The second color is a dark brown with a gold shimmer in it. The brown really reminds me of a wood finish lol – deep and very just, brown. But it’s a great crease color.
Both colors were super pigmented and soft.

The far right colors are really warm and matte. The 3rd color is almost orangey and rusty. It’s surprisingly easy to work with for a matte, especially a matte from a drugstore.

The last color is darker and less red.

This Color Tattoo is from the Target line of jewel toned shadows. There was a blue, teal, purple and green released with matching mascaras.
The blue was similar to either the L’Oreal or Maybelline gel liner that I have – it’s a bright cobalt blue creme shadow. The green is a Crayola green, just slightly darker. The purple is a pretty rich warmer toned purple. All of them have a frosty finish.

400 Test My Teal
Test My Teal is a midtoned teal, that is more blue than green. I only picked up the teal because it’s teal… I don’t use very many colored bases so I figured I’d really only use this one as well.

Like all the other Color Tattoo products this was super creamy but sets to a creaseless finish. This was actually pretty difficult to remove after it set completely. Took a little bit of rubbing!

Avante Green
Avante Green is one of the new Fall nail polishes (which included a Chanel Peridot dupe). There’s a color very similar to this in the China Glaze Bohemian collection as well.
This is a springy green base that has a blue duochrome to it. It’s pretty reflective (in the swatch you can see my camera!) and shifts really nicely from the light green to the blue. The most dominant color is a midtoned green.
It’s opaque in 2 coats and is on the thinner side.

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