In the middle of summer, I wanted to indulge my crazy lemming for neons and add to my neon polish collection, so I purchased some more of the Color Club Poptastic Collection nail polishes.
Color Club’s Poptastic collection was the first full collection of neons I was ever aware of and purchased from. They originally released a 9 color collection in 2010, all 60’s themed, but I think they’ve been adding to it because on their website as well as on etailers, they have about 20 polishes now, all neon. These 3 are part of the “add-ons”.

Youthquake is described as a “bright coral”. Lo-and-behold, it’s a bright coral. It’s more red toned versus orange toned like China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. It’s also not as neon as some neon polishes are, although it most definitely a neon polish.
This one is more sheer than other neon pinks I’ve used, but it builds pretty nicely at 3 coats. 

Lava Lamp
The infamously bright Lava Lamp! Finally bought this after Dani Arci (LifeInPolish on YouTube) posted pics of it on Instagram. This is the brightest orange in my collection and the camera doesn’t do it justice.
It’s a redder orange than the other orange in the Poptastic collection. This one was opaque in 3 coats. 

Edie (cute name, cute color) is a bright turquoise, on the green side. This was the sheerest but you get full opacity in 4 coats. It’s not a thick formula either so 4 coats of this feels like 2 coats of another polish. 

I think the formula for all 3 of these were easy to work with. The brush on Lava Lamp was a little wonky but nothing terribly annoying.
The addition of these 3 was nice to my neons because I don’t have exact dupes of these at all. The slight variation in each of the colors makes them unique, and I haven’t seen colors exactly like this in other brands.
Color Club polishes are fairly inexpensive – they can be found for like $3 online at etailers as well as at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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