With the introduction of Floam and other glitter techniques, like “jelly sandwiches” and “matte glitters”, I was wondering who the first mainstream brand would be to start making polishes like that. So far, the closest is Nails Inc, with their new Sprinkles line of polishes.
All cake/London themed, these polishes come packed full of small glitter that really do look like cake sprinkles on the nail. I quickly snatched them up when I was browsing Sephora when they had just been released, which was like a month ago. I hadn’t actually heard anything about them, and only found a few swatches of them so I was excited to buy them and play with them 🙂
They’re all $9.50 each and can be found at Sephora – take note that they are only 0.33 fl oz, but I think Nails Inc used to sell their polishes for like $12 so it was a nice surprise to see they were only $9.50. More photos and swatches are after the jump!

Topping Lane

Topping Lane is a strawberry pink with white, blue and reddish magenta glitter. The pink is perfectly candy like and the glitter, although bold colors, aren’t too “in your face”. Super cute!

Sweets Away
Sweets away is a grayish pale blue with sky blue, pale pink and white glitter. This reminds me the most of frosting and sprinkles. The glitter on this sort of reminded me of Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter In The Air, in terms of color pairing.

Pudding Lane
Pudding Lane is a light turquoise blue with dark blue and gold glitter. This reminds me more of the ocean than of cupcakes, and I’ve already worn it a few times – the colors are right up my ally lol. 

Sugar House Lane
Sugar House Lane is a taupe base with black and white glitter – this one reminds me of shiitake mushrooms – or stuffed mushrooms. Mushrooms in general, let’s say.
The formula for all of these were great. Since they’re all jelly bases, when you put a top coat on them you’ll get a good jelly sandwich like effect on your nail. It’s not a goopy consistency like some jellies can be so that was a pleasant note I took when applying these onto swatches. I’d say you’d be fine with 2 coats for each of these. 
I think Sugar House Lane was the surprise for me of the collection because it’s a neutral color and the glitter works so that it’s not too flashy and you can definitely wear this to work because from afar you wouldn’t even know it was glitter.
Overall, I love these and they’re definitely unique to other polishes you can get on the mainstream market.

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