It’s not only been forever since I’ve done a tutorial but I actually haven’t done an NHL tutorial in 5 months! Crazy! I think I was (and still am) butthurt that the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup so I put these off for a while.
Although there’s the word “Lockout” looming around and hanging heavy in the air during CBA negotiations, I’m still looking forward to seeing some hockey, whether it be NHL hockey or ECHL hockey, as San Francisco has the Bulls this year!

To get back on topic, I have a new NHL tutorial for you all today 🙂 It’s for the Tampa Bay Lightning and their colors are Blue & White, but I decided to focus more on the blue, and do a bright and smokey matte blue eye, using Inglot.

I know this isn’t as much inspired by the Lightning as it is just using blue eyeshadow, but any of my tutorials can be altered to fit exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, there are 30 teams in the NHL, and a lot of them have similar team color schemes, so you can pull elements from other tutorials and combine them with this to get what you want. Or you can just substitute one color out for the other. 
Anyways, this was a pretty quick and easy tutorial, so I hope you guys enjoy 😀

– Too Faced Shadow Insurance
– Maybelline Colour Tattoo Tenacious Teal
– Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow
– Inglot 322 (bright matte blue)
– Inglot 321 (dark navy matte)
– Mac Carbon Eye Shadow
– Mac Blanc Type Eye Shadow
– Milani Liquid Eye Mechanical Liner Blue
– Stila Stingray Smudgestick Liner
– Mac White Frost pigment
– Mac MSF Comfort
– Nars Laguna
– L’Oreal Balm Tender Mauve

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