If you didn’t read my previous post about Deborah Lippmann and how awesome she is, read it (here) first. It will not only make you love her more, but it will also tell you why I’m more than just regularly excited to show you these products.
When the press release that Deborah Lippmann was going have a True Blood inspired collection hit the internet, I died. True Blood is one of my absolute favorite shows and Deborah Lippmann is my favorite polish brand. PERFECT MATCH.
These were exclusively released on HSN in August, 3 months earlier than when you can buy them on her website, so I snatched them up when they released. After a long wait (which you would have read about in the post I linked to above), I finally received my order and am beyond thrilled and satisfied with the products.

Of the whole collection which included not only nail polish but a fragrance, called Forsaken, a candle, and some other products. I only picked up the lipstick/polish duo and the mini trio, but may pick up the fragrance later in the fall.

This is the first time Deborah has put out a lip product, and her polish that is paired with the lipstick is scented to smell like Forsake, which I thought was a cool touch. The mini trio of polishes were inspired by Pam, Jessica and Sookie.

A lot of the products are still available on HSN, although I know for sure that the lipstick and polish duo are sold out – don’t fret though! She said they’d be available again in November on her website 🙂
More photos and Swatches are after the jump!

click to enlarge the photos to see the details!
The Bite Me/Let It Bleed duo came with a lipstick and polish, both in very dark and vampy shades. 
They came packaged in a gothically embellished cardboard case, almost like a coffin.
Bite Me is a standard sized lipstick and Let It Bleed is a full sized Lippmann polish. Both have her logo and True Blood’s logo written on them.
Bite Me
Although the lipstick looks very dark in the tube, it swatches slightly more sheer, but also can be built up, so it’s not too dark and is very suitable for many different looks. 

When used lightly, you get a almost blood like stain on the lips, and I think when she was on HSN she said that it was either this or the sheer polish (shown later) that was inspired by the boy eating strawberries in the beginning credits of True Blood.
It’s actually quite a nice color, and totally wearable, when swatched lightly.
If you build it up, it gets darker, to an almost wine like color. The texture is smooth and moisturizing so it doesn’t feel heavy or dry on the lip.

Let It Bleed
This is the one thing I think I was most excited for. I’ve been searching for the perfect dark vampy creme for this fall and winter and this is it. Because of the True Blood connection, the Deborah Lippmann connection and the fact that it’s a gorgeous color.
Let It Bleed, at it’s core, is a deep red wine color. Like exactly the color of red wine. It builds, in 2 coats, to a rich, dark, black cherry color that is super sexy and SUPER glossy on the nail. The swatch below is with no top coat. LOOK HOW SHINY!
This polish also dries to be scented like the Forsaken fragrance, which is actually kind of cool and quite nice. Forsaken (as from what I can smell from the dried polish) is a heavier floral scent with some musk to it. Reminds me of what Alcide should smell like, after a shower.
The other set I bought was the Bad Things polish trio. Awesome name, awesome colors.
click to enlarge to see the details!

This trio of colors was inspired by the characters Pam (my favorite), Jessica, and Sookie. Anything that has to do with Pam totally gets me lol. The trio is very nice though.
The polishes are minis so they’re much smaller than the regular sized polishes but you still get a fair amount of product for the price.

Bad Blood
This is the sheer polish I mentioned earlier, about possibly being one of the polishes inspired by the beginning credits. 
Bad Blood is a very sheer black cherry color, and was inspired by Pam. It kind of reminds me of cherry coke. In that I always had a color associated with that product (with the packaging and the flavor) and this is sort of what that color is. 
It’s meant to be worn sheer, so even with 3 coats you’ll still get visible nail lines but I think it’s a nice type of sheer. You’ll get the feel of a dark color on your nails without going too too dark. That definitely helps if you work in a place that isn’t really dark color appropriate, or you just don’t like the almost-black colors on your nails.

Strange Love
This is the color inspired by Jessica, and is a bright raspberry creme. Not super bright, but it certainly isn’t dull either. This would actually look AMAZING on Deborah Ann Wohl, who plays Jessica. 
It’s also very shiny and is opaque in 2 coats. The color is more accurate to the bottle color than the swatch actually – my camera just didn’t want to cooperate when I took photos of it.

New Flesh
New Flesh is inspired by Sookie, which, by the way, there is a separate polish set inspired by her. 
New Flesh is a peachier toned nude color. I don’t really wear nudes, so I don’t know how much I’m going to wear this, especially because it’s got that peach/orange tone to it, but we’ll see. The formula was great, and was opaque in 2 coats as well.

One thought on “Deborah Lippman Forsaken – True Blood Collection

  1. I missed the launch on HSN and now the candle and diffuser is sold out, as well as the lipstick and polish mates. I wonder if they plan on restocking or releasing this line on a larger scale. I would love to get the perfume, bite me/let it bleed and the 3 wick candle for sure!


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