Picture heavy. Just a warning lol. 
China Glaze released a collection of Luster Chromes (or multichromes) this August for part of their Fall 2012 collection. They also recently released the Safari Collection, which I have swatches of here. That collection is more your typical 12 polish Fall collection, while this one is a 6 collection (I only bought 5) sort of special effect collection. I feel like China Glaze did this last year as well, with the crackle polishes and their fall line. I like that they release so many polishes though and so many options – something for everybody 🙂
These I bought off of head2toe beauty for about $4 each, but you can pretty much find them at all etailers and in stores now. I didn’t buy all of them because the one I didn’t buy just wasn’t a color that I’d ever wear. 
I have LOTS of pictures and swatches after the jump… enjoy!

No Plain Jane / Want My Bawdy / Deviantly Daring / Unpredictable / Rare & Radiant
 Natural Sunlight

Universally, the formula on these was great. There wasn’t any problem with thickness or anything – they’re actually on the thin side as with most metallic finish polishes.

No Plain Jane
No Plain Jane is a purple to… brown? bronze? multichrome. It’s probably one of the sheerer of the ones that I bought (and I feel like the one I didn’t get was the sheerest of them all). It does build nicely with three thin coats to pretty full opacity. The photos above are indoors natural light, outdoors/sun, and indoors natural light.
The purple is a warm, royal purple, and is the dominant color in the polish. The color shift is seen best in the bottle although it is pretty visible on the nail. Just not as dramatically. 
You can see it in the photo above (natural light, inside) though. It gradients nicely from the purple to the darker, shiney… almost shimmery taupe. 

Want My Bawdy
Weird name. Oh well. This one probably has the least amount of color shift. This is very much just a blackened rich, shimmery navy.
The blue in this is very striking and bright, especially outside (middle picture above). This one as also slightly sheer, but built up better and quicker than No Plain Jane.
In the photo above you can see the blackened base very well, especially in the one-coat part at the top of the swatch. You can also see how strongly the blue comes out when you build the color up and see it in the light.

Deviantly Daring
NEW FAVORITE TEAL ALERT. Well not completely favorite, Charla still wins, but this… is very close. This one was an instant must-purchase when I saw Scrangie’s swatch of it. 
Just look at it! It’s so so pretty and oceany and mermaidy and glowy and magical.
Deviantly Daring is a Blue to Teal duochrome. I’ve found with all of these that it’s much more dramatic in the bottle than on the swatch but you still see the duochrome in the swatch.
The polish is opaque in 2 coats and is almost there in 1. It’s just the most lustrous teal and it shifts to a nice, deep, ocean like blue. I just can’t get enough of it. 

This one is slightly more green based than Deviantly Daring. It’s a grass green to teal duochrome. This one along with the next has the most visible shift in swatch form. This one is my second favorite. It’s also opaque in 2 coats.

Rare & Radiant

I find that name funny considering this isn’t really a rare color anymore. Ever Since Chanel’s Peridot (below, with the OPI dupe) like every company has released their version of it, which is pretty much the same across the board.
It’s the gold to blue to green to crazy multichrome color, which now I won’t ever have to buy again 😀 lol.

This, like Unpredictable has a very noticeable shift in swatch form. Not as strong as in the bottle, but when you look at your nails, its very reflective and you’ll easily see your nails go from gold to green. It’s very cool and very eye catching. It can even sometimes look like melted metal on your nails, which always gets compliments from random strangers.

The rest of this post is different angles so you can see how the colors shift depending on how you look at them… enjoy 🙂


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