Before I get into talking about the product, I do want to quickly direct you to a new little tab I have at the top of my blog. It’s pertinent, I swear!
I added a FAQs page at the top of my blog just so you can have easy access to info about my skin type and foundation shades as well as other things that people often wonder 🙂 I added it so I don’t have to continuously list all of my foundation shades in posts like this, or my skin type, or eye color or whatever else.
It actually lists all the foundation shades I’m in of all the foundations I’ve tried so check that out to see where I fall in a bunch of different products.
Now back to the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer!
When this was first released, I was impressed but curious as to how many shades the Nars tinted moisturizers really came in. In their ad, they had a model with a very pale, medium and very deep skin tone. I’d never seen an ad with that range so I definitely was curious. Obviously, since I’m a medium shade, I wasn’t going to worry about it but I was just curious. No, they don’t have a shade that will match the model in the ad’s photo but I wish they did! I think Illamasqua Skin Base has the most diverse range in terms of what they offer shade-wise.
What I do like was that they have yellow and pink undertones in their Tinted Moisturizer line, which is something that the Laura Mercier does not have. Their medium tone is ok for me, but is too pink.
My color for the Nars is St. Moritz, which is a truly medium toned shade with a good amount of yellow tones so it doesn’t look too odd against my skin.
The texture is really that of a colored sunscreen. It has a broad spectrum SPF 30 so I don’t have to worry about extra sun care (even though I do add a sunscreen underneath anyways, out of habit). The product has pretty good coverage for a tinted moisturizer – pretty similar to the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It’s a good coverage if you want something just to cover light imperfections but alone won’t cover everything. It evens out skintone, and can be built up to a heavier coverage if you wanted. It doesn’t dry matte, so if you have oily skin like me, you may want to add a powder. I really reach for this when I’m having a good skin day and want something just to even things out for an easy option in the morning.
It is, however, expensive, as all Nars products are. It was $42, and is available at Sephora, so it was a little bit of a blow to the bank account. I do like this more than the Laura Mercier, just because of skin tone match, so if I were to choose between the 2, I would choose the Nars.

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